The Need

alycia walshSomebody needs to help all the go-getters in the field stay organized. It's also crucial for operations that someone is manning the phones, mailboxes, inboxes and managing correspondence...after all we are the mission that puts you "in touch"!

Administration can be an overlooked and inglorious role, but it keeps ITMI running and supporting our partners.

ITMI makes it a priority to have someone available for our supporters to contact. We want to provide a human voice to help with whatever concerns you may have. 

Having administrative support allows the partners to focus on their ministries, and the field staff to focus on what they do best, while allowing those with the gift for being organized and supportive to use their gifts for God's mission.


As the administrative assistant, Alycia utilizes her knowledge of computers and organizational skills to streamline daily tasks and responsibilities that help an office run smoothly, as well as serving as a base contact for contributors and those working overseas. 

In addition to having their stories shared with those who have the means and desire to provide prayer and financial support, ITMI partners receive many other forms of support from the ITMI staff. 

  • Acting as a correspondence "hub" in the US.
  • Providing customer service for supporters. 
  • Ensuring the office stays running smoothly. 
  • Background and administrative support for the others who serve ITMI partners; financial officers, ITMI staff that are in the field, web and writing contractors. 

Alycia ensures all of these things stay in line so that ITMI partners and staff can effectively accomplish their missions and tasks. 


Alycia is an Arizona native who went on her first mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico when she was 13 years old. "Looking back, I was very nervous at the time, I would not have believed anyone if they told me I would be traveling around the world."

Alycia studied Global Health at Arizona State Univeristy, believing she would study medicine, but God had other plans.

In the summer of 2012, she felt the Lord calling her to go to Kenya for a mission trip to an orphanage, so she went.

"God was reminding me of many things during that trip, but what stands out the most was God asking me to surrender the idea of being a doctor. I had placed my identity in becoming a doctor, instead of being a beloved daughter of His.

I surrendered that dream to Him and I'm thankful that I did."

After Kenya, Alycia was able to go to India, Jamaica, Mexico and Canada. Her love for travel continued to grow as did her love for people.

"During my time at ASU, the most valuable thing I learned was the importance of partnering alongside people. So often people bring their own ideas, assumptions, and agendas when wanting to aid people. However, there is a fine line between helping for our own sake or for others. When we empower and equip people to transform their lives or their countries for the better, we are seeking justice and creating sustainable change."

Alycia Walsh, ITMI Staff, India

Alycia Walsh ministering in India.

Alycia Walsh, ITMI Staff, India

Alycia serving in Fiji.

Upon graduation from ASU, Alycia spent five months doing a Music and Worship Discipleship Training School (DTS) through YWAM Toowoomba in Australia.

Alycia says, 

It was wonderful to be wholly and fully immersed in seeking the Lord. It was during my time at YWAM that I began to hear the voice of God clearer than I ever had before.

God told me at the beginning of my DTS that He was going to take old lies, and replace them with truth. And He certainly did.

The Lord loves when we just come and spend time with Him, even in our brokenness. He wants to work through things WITH us when He knows we're ready.

He's constantly wanting to restore and renew us, to remind us of who He created us to be. His love is deep and high and wide, it's never ending and unfathomable, and the Lord longs for people to know that.

Aside from spending time doing administrative work for ITMI, Alycia loves to create music and art.

Alycia is very thankful for the opportunity to use her administrative gifts with In Touch Mission International. She's looking forward to using the knowledge she gains at ITMI, and her passion for the arts, to partner with national Christian leaders who can transform their communities for Christ.


  1. Provide an open, encouraging point of contact for ITMI partners.
  2. To serve ITMI staff by easing burdens and allowing them to devote more time to their goals and callings.
  3. To find ways to continue to develop and utilize God-given gifts at ITMI.


  1. Monthly supporters that wish to touch the lives of partners across the globe.
  2. Prayer for wisdom as God reveals how her gifts can be used to enrich ITMI.