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The homeless must compete with dogs for provisons.

There are many around the world who suffer from great poverty, and all of the accompanying side effects.

The destitute compete with dogs to eat garbage. Children go to bed with the misery of starvation gnawing at their ribs. The harsh winter weather forces the homeless to crowd into filthy, stinking train stations for protection from exposure. Employment is impossible to obtain. Families are estranged.

From somewhere deep within, we all groan: "It shouldn't be this way!"  And it shouldn't.

But we don't always know how to go about doing something about it. 


Bread of Life provides a variety of opportunities to serve and meet the needs of the poorest of the poor in Poland, Moldova and Ivory Coast.

Through the simplicity of Bread of Life programs, anyone can take action regardless of age, economic status, or skill level. Ordinary citizens are empowered to do something about the great needs of those around them suffering from poverty, unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse, prostitution, as well as to those who have been orphaned or widowed. 

The Bread of Life Foundation seeks to meet needs at two levels:

  1. Bread of Life programs meet physical, every day needs through provision.
  2. Spiritual needs are met through prayer breakfasts, relationships and introductions to who Jesus is and the restoration He offers them.

Bread of Life, Poland,
Bread of Life, Poland,

Bread of Life Foundation

Bread of Life Foundation

Empowering Nationals

One important pillar of Bread of Life is providing the opportunity for nationals to serve their own countrymen. Much of Bread of Life's work is now carried out by nationals serving those in their own countries with needs.

New Life Center, Nationals, Bread of Life, Poland

Bread of Life empowers so many to love and serve the poor in Jesus' name. 

Bread of Life, Moldova, Tomek, John, Oxen

John (far left) is the Director of Bread of Life Moldova. He is pictured here with his wife, Oxen and children. Tomek Jezyk (middle) is the Bread of Life Kalisz Director.

Ministry Components

Holy Start - Soup Kitchen

Bread of Life’s soup kitchen called Holy Start offers hot breakfast, a Bible study every Friday morning with coffee and pastries, as well as "Friday Time to Shine" which includes haircuts and shaves for the homeless. 


Tabitha's Closets - Free Clothing

Bread of Life’s Tabitha’s Clothing Closets in Poznan serve about 1000 poor or homeless children per month. The homeless clothing closet is open multiple days of each week. When individuals come to the clothing closet, they are often referred by the city social services. Bread of Life invites individuals who utilize the clothing closet to participate in other events put on by the church, where they might hear the gospel. 


Growing Giants God's Way - Deeper Spiritual Growth

Growing Giants God’s Way is the weekly discipleship opportunity for individuals in Poznan, Poland who were reached by Bread of Life's ministry that are serious about growing in God’s truth and grace. This enables Bread of Life to go even deeper than simply providing for physical needs in the name of Jesus Christ. For those who are interested, there is a weekly opportunity to dig more deeply into God's Word. 

Growing Giant’s God’s way is led by Darek Cieslak, one of the pastor’s at K5N, and he said, “People come for more than just food.  They come because of the love and respect they feel when they enter Bread of Life.  They come for the Word of God.  They truly want to change.”


Coffee House - Addiction Counseling

Bread of Life's Coffee House  is a weekly opportunity for Bread of Life to offer addiction counseling and help for those that want to change their lives and leave there destructive ways behind.

One man, Carl, who became a Christian through Holy Start years ago, is now married and, with his wife - who was leading counseling at the Coffee House in Poznan - has helped start 2 more Coffee Houses in different Polish cities.

Once homeless, now a leader for life change!  He knows that with God, anything is possible!  Coffee House is in cooperation with Teen Challenge. Tomek Jezyk also runs an extremely successful Coffee House in Kalisz where he has seen men restored, marriages healed, and lives greatly changed by the grace of God!  

Consultation Points - Consult and Receive Help
Bread of Life's Consultation Points are opportunities for individuals in Poznan or Kalisz to seek help with medical help, family emergencies, physical needs, or desperate circumstances such as residential fires or other such crisis.


Train Station Outreach

Bread of Life's Train Station Outreach was the launching point of the Nungesser's ministry to the homeless. Today, they continue to honor their roots and demonstrate the love of Jesus with a weekly program where individuals living on the streets or in the train stations of Poznan or Kalisz receive information about Bread of Life’s assistance, the Word of God, and hot tea.


David's Club - Martial Arts for Underprivileged Children

Bread of Life Kalisz's David’s Club is a dynamic karate club reaching 200 youth in the city of Kalisz through the discipline of karate. The youth come and either pay a small fee or perform community service to cover the costs of the lessons.

Through the club, they learn discipline and respect, earn karate belts, and compete competitively. They also hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly presented to them by Tomek.

Their parents also have the opportunity to hear about Jesus at Christmas through the annual program entitled, "Carols by Candlelight".


Christmas Gift Distribution

Bread of Life collects Christmas gifts from individuals in the US and Poland, with help from Samaritan’s Purse for their annual Christmas Package Distribution. The gifts are distributed to children in orphanages, crisis homes, through the clothing closets, and to impoverished families residing in local communities.

An average of 400 gifts are distributed annually, bringing the hope and love of Jesus to those in need at Christmas.

Food Distribution
Over 8 tons of food a month are distributed throughout Poznan and surrounding poor villages.  That’s nearly 100 tons of food a year.  
The best part about this is that the men at the New Life Center are the ones that collect and distribute the food to the people and the families in great need.  The men at the NLC are learning that life outside of themselves—a life of service to others—is the greatest life of all!
All food and clothing distributed to these in great need is also done with the Love of God.
Bible Distribution
Bibles - Bread of Life has distributed over 5,000 audio and physical Bibles in 2014 alone! 
The New Life Center - Transitional Home for Men
Bread of Life's New Life Center (NLC) is a transitional home with space for approximately 15 homeless men live in full-time while they complete a 3-phase program that equips them to reintegrate back into society with current job skills.
With a full staff of professionals, including counselors and trainers, NLC offers its residents the necessary medical help as well as Christian counseling, where the men are guided through reconciliation with their families and introduced to the hope of eternal life in Christ Jesus.
NLC staff teach trade skills such as: tiling, construction, mechanical, gardening, woodworking, and computer-related skills in their fully-equipped education center. There are even courses offered in the culinary arts.
Before leaving the center, the men hold gainful employment and are held accountable by the staff to the demands of a normal work schedule. NLC staff also serve the community of Dluga Goslina with help in local restoration projects.

The New Life Center, Transformational Home for Men

The New Life Center, Bread of Life's Transitional Home for men.


Richard Nungesser, Brooke Nungesser, Nungesser Family

American founders, Richard and Brooke Nungesser have equipped nationals to operate Bread of Life, as well as providing opportunities for many nationals to serve by volunteering in and advocating for Bread of Life programs.Founder Richard Nungesser shares the story of Bread of Life's humble beginning...

“Its just past 10:00pm, after all the commuters have returned home. I sat alone with 80 homeless strangers in the Central Train Station of Poznan, Poland. A frigid, smelly, dank train station full of forgotten faces and empty eyes. I see them slouched over in chairs, laying on the windowsills or congregated in the hallways. Their smells permeate the air with a stench so rancid it churns my stomach.

To this day I can vividly remember and identify the pungent aroma - urine, alcohol, and body odor. I am simultaneously frightened and exhilarated. A rustling sound is heard by the nearest trash can. A man’s blistered, red and dirty hands are digging through the bin in search of something. I watch intently focused on what he would produce and knowingly eat. He pulls out a McDonald’s cup with a swallow of tepid liquid left. He proceeds to remove the lid and greedily gulp the remainder.

Nauseated by the extremes - and the decisions, choices and actions of the people here, I produce a thermos with enough tea for 3. I scrounge in my own pockets and pull out 2 granola bars and a small bag of trail mix. Before I proceed, I sit in the waiting room and pray, “Lord, please make this like the multiplying of the loaves and the fish.”

I pray confidently, knowing that with God all things are possible.

The Lord gave me enough strength to approach them that night and I was able to minister to three individuals. Nine months later, with the help of my wife and our Polish friends, God has multiplied the tea and snacks. We have since passed out over 10,500 cups of tea and over 6,100 meals at the Poznan Central Train Station during the first 9 months."   

-Richard Nungesser

Richard Nungesser, Bread of Life, Moldova

Co-founder, Richard Nungesser with a homeless friend in Moldova. 


1. Prayer support as Bread of Life battles daily to help feed, clothe, educate, rehabilitate, and rescue the men, women, and children that society so often leaves behind.

2. $5,500 a month is needed to serve 1,000 people a month through Bread of Life’s projects! That’s $5.50 a month to serve one man, woman, or child or $66.00 a year. (110 monthly giving partners at $50 a month minimum are needed to help us Rescue the Forgotten.)

3. Opportunities to speak throughout the United States and encourage and share with others about God’s work in Poland, Moldova, and Ivory Coast.

Who’s Involved

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Partners Supported by ITMI

Richard and Brooke Nungesser

Founders and International Directors

Feature, Richard Nungesser, Brooke Nungesser

Tomek Jezyk

Kalisz Director

Tomek Jezyk, Poland, Feature

The Nungessers arrived in Poland September 8, 2001 (3 days before the September 11, 2001 attacks occurred in the United States) to share the gospel by teaching English. But when they discovered the great needs of the destitute and homeless in Poland, they founded the Bread of Life ministry to help Polish people meet the needs of their fellow countrymen. They work daily to train, equip and lead alongside the national leaders, as well as serve, encourage and equip and build the international chapters of Bread of Life. The Nungesser's love for life and for our Lord Jesus is contagious and absolutely vital in providing the foundational energy and enthusiasm for Bread of Life.

Formerly a Buddhist, Tomek met Jesus through Brooke Nungesser who was handing out tea and snacks to the homeless in the train station. As he translated her message of the gospel to the homeless in the station, his eyes were opened as well, and he gave his life to Jesus. Now the Director of Bread of Life - Kalisz, Tomek oversees Bread of Life's outreach programs in the city of Kalisz. He also uses his karate skills to reach at-risk children in Kalisz' schools with David's Club.


Bread of Life, Kalisz

Nungessers, Poland, Bread of Life

A Week in “Gangland” with the Nungessers

“Oh, they’re here for my daddy,” he said as the police car entered the neighborhood. His dad had dropped him off at the children’s camp the night before, dead drunk.

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Bread of Life, Ivory Coast

Slider, Richard Nungesser, Bread of Life, Ivory Coast

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The pastor kept apologizing for his church. He apologized that the floor was only dirt. He apologized that only half the roof was constructed. He invited me to preach to the church leaders but was embarrassed that his church wasn’t completed. Standing before these pastors and missionaries I wanted to give them courage and hope. I wanted to remind them of the essence of their work. I encouraged them with this and I hope it encourages you!

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Bread of Life, Moldova

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