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Feature, Daniel Machlowski, JagodaFrom the end of World War II to 1989, communism in Poland all but destroyed the fabric of traditional Polish life and society.

The recovery from communism, following the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the rise of the Solidarity movement in Poland, focused on a slow and difficult climb toward economic stability, and a series of attempts to make a fresh start after decades of foreign oppression and corrupt regimes.

Simultaneously, there was a growth and resurgence of an indifferent kind of post-communist Catholicism combined with a super-nationalist identity.

The result: a majority of people in Poland today are part of a “religious system” or are essentially agnostic – having no personal relationship with God.

Today, evangelical Bible-believing Christians are less than one-third of one percent of the population in Poland and are viewed as members of a cult or sect by the Polish.

Religious Affiliation in Poland, Evangelical Christians in Poland, Poland, Religion

Within the nationalistic culture (insiders), Polish people who become Christ-followers are viewed as heretics. Outsiders (non-Poles) are viewed as outsiders forever. So most mission workers who come to Poland are essentially viewed as foreigners bringing a cult.

Here's the contradiction: Americans are generally viewed highly, but if they start talking about Christianity, they can lose credibility from mainstream Polish people. Some feel that a missionary from another country will simply never understand their ways.


Daniel is both an “insider” and an “outsider” – a Polish-American who knows the English and Polish languages fluently, and has a firm grasp of both cultures. 

By understanding the context and many nuances of the culture, Daniel shows them that it's possible to be a born-again Christian and still be Polish.

Daniel has an exceptional ability to strike up conversations with anyone he meets and turn those conversations to deep, spiritual discussions.

He is also gifted in discipling those he meets; following up with them, building relationships with them and presenting the truth of the gospel in a way that applies to the deepest questions in their hearts.

Daniel's gift of evangelism and his education as a pastor have combined to make Daniel a great asset to our Polish team. Daniel pastors the K5N under the leadership of ITMI's Dr. Piotr Zaremba.

Daniel leads a dynamic discipleship group community that is eager to serve and share Jesus together. 

Daniel Machlowski, Evangelism, Discipleship

Daniel leading his discipleship group. 

Daniel Machlowski, serving, Poland

Daniel serving his community and building relationships. 

Daniel Machlowski, praying

Daniel Macholowski, Jagoda, Poland

Daniel and his wife, Jagoda.


Born in Kraków in 1986 – just a few years before the fall of the Berlin Wall – Daniel was a child of Polish Communism. His parents were raised in the nationalistic culture that had long been entwined with the strong roots of the religious system in Poland.

Life was difficult there: families suffered from generation after generation of alcoholism and immorality, there was a lack of strong male leadership, and a pervasively poor work ethic created a real tension as the lure of materialism soon flooded into the national mentality.

Through the generosity of the International Rescue Committee, Daniel and his parents and brother were able to move to the USA in 1989, starting a new life in California.

In America, with its freedom of religion, Daniel had the opportunity to clearly hear the good news of Jesus for the first time and understand the difference between religion and a relationship with God. As a teenager in February 2004, he made his decision to believe in Christ while watching Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ film.

Midway through his college years, Daniel experienced a growing void and dissatisfaction – after switching majors 8 times.

But his study of the Bible became more and more vital to him, and he determined that he needed to do something that would make a difference for all eternity!

Immediately after graduation from Arizona State University (ASU) with a degree in Sociology, Daniel began working on his Master’s degree in Biblical Communication at Phoenix Seminary. He served as a Student Ministries intern at Grace Community Church in Tempe, and has worked with International Students Incorporated (ISI) in their ministry at ASU.

As he visited Poland on mission trips during the past three summers, he has increasingly understood the undeniable call God has on his life.Intern With International Students Club At ASU Daniel served ISI as an intern on ASU's campus as a part of his degree at Phoenix Seminary. 

Adrian Maja and Daniel

In 2010, Daniel went with Josiah Venture to Poland. Daniel led Majek (left) and his brother to Jesus during his time there. 

Daniel recently said, “I can see how God’s sovereign plan has led me through so many steps to prepare me. I want to be faithful, to be a good steward of what He has given me and what I have learned. It’s like a big puzzle, and I’m excited about putting some of the key pieces together now in anticipation of working for the cause of bringing Christ to the people of Poland!”



    1. Serve the K5N church by preaching, teaching, helping, leading Bible studies in student ministry, leading discipleship groups and Bible studies. 
    2. Use his gift of evangelism as a English, Math and Sports tutor and outreach events.
    3. Create materials in Polish and English for the church web sit

Daniel Leading Bible StudyDaniel leading a Poznan International Church Bible Study.

Opportunities for Your Involvement

  1. Join the Prayer Team for Daniel.
  2. Contact our office and help set up meetings for Daniel with anyone you know who are interested in reaching Poland with the Gospel.
  3. Give financial support for Daniel’s ministry: monthly partnership commitments, and one-time special gifts to help him get to Poland. Donate Now.

Prayer Points

  1. Pray for prayer warriors to join as partners with Daniel as he launches into full-time ministry.
  2. Pray for Daniel's ability to utilize what he's gained from his great learning experiences during his internship with International Students Incorporated (ISI) and other opportunities.
  3. Pray for financial partners to commit funds for Daniel's monthly support as well as special one time gifts.Daniel With Intern Students Daniel has a gift for building relationships with International Students and a deep love for them from Jesus. 

Who’s Involved

  1. ITMI, to provide guidance, a network of co-workers in Europe, and support of a “headquarters office” in the USA.
  2. Dr. Piotr Zaremba, ITMI’s European Director, to provide ministry direction, mentoring and transitional guidance.
  3. K5N Church in Poznań, under the direction of Dr. Piotr Zaremba and staff.
  4. Poznań International Church, providing opportunities for serving a large English-speaking student population.

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