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gary howellThe church is a community of people whom God has set aside for Himself and called to be on mission with Him. Whether you are in America, Africa, Europe or India, God's people, while redeemed and justified by God are still not yet fully restored to a sinless state.

Any time God's people get serious about God's mission, God's enemy gets serious about creating distractions, challenges and persecution. This means that pastoring and ministering is challenging.

Gary has a passion to restore, equip and train Christian workers and leaders to effectively minister in a way that protects their hearts while still opening them to those they serve, as Jesus models for us. Gary's goal is to see God's people live out of the freedom Jesus gives and pursue wholeheartedly the mission He has given us, not encumbered by the sin or fleshly division and disunity that we all battle.


Gary uses his pastoral experience to counsel and support pastors whether near his home in Phoenix, Arizona or on a remote island in the South Pacific. Since many of ITMI's nationals are pastors or exercise pastoral care for other believers, Gary's wisdom and expertise is a benefit for many.

Salt Training in Chuuk

  Gary supports the ministry of Micronesian Pastor Bruce Denis, presenting SALT material to the islanders.

Gary Fellowshipping In ChuuckBruce, Jim Baugh (friend of ITMI) and Gary discuss ministry, counseling and island life.

Gary With Three Micronesians

Kasper Danny, Gary Howell, Sheldon Danny and Bruce Denis.

Gary with the Dannys, who became believers when Pastor Denis brought the gospel to the island of Ulel after hearing the SALT material presented by an ITMI team. 

Read the full story of Bruce Denis and Kasper Danny here.


  1. Help God's people realize a passion to help those that lead and serve God's people pursue emotional health and spiritual growth in a Christ-centered manor.
  2. Encourage believers by reminding them of the freedom and Grace of God that Christ purchased for them on the cross.
  3. Disciple the church to understand and share the rich and deep passion God has for his mission to redeem and restore His creation.


  1. Faithful prayer partners to lift up the Howell family's spiritual and physical needs.
  2. Faithful monthly supporters who are passionate to see God's people live freely and in passionate pursuit of God's mission.

Latest News

Gary Howell, USA

The Untold Story of a Behind-the-Scenes Partner

Pastor and counselor, Gary Howell, has been on the ITMI team since 2011, quietly serving in the background. It’s likely you haven’t heard his story. Because the majority of Gary’s ministry is counseling, Gary can’t share too many specific stories from his ministry. But Gary’s own story is something we don’t want you to miss.