The Need

Feature, New Life Center, 2018The poor, socially rejected and homeless feel utterly helpless and without hope in the world.

They face immense hardship living on the streets and eating from garbage dumps and cans. Winter weather is harsh, unforgiving for those facing exposure.

New Life Center

Eating from the dumps means competing with the dogs for edible finds.

Many want to change their lives but do not have anywhere to start, or community to support them in such an endeavor. 

Homelessness, poverty and addiction lead to social ostracism and become a vicious cycle that requires intense intervention for those who want to change.


New Life Center, Poland

New Life Center, Poland

The New Life Center sits at a physical crossroads. But it has been a fork in the road for over 800 men since its opening.

Bread of Life's New Life Center (NLC) is a transitional home for men who truly want to change but can't do it alone.

Men commit themselves to the home for 4 phases, at the end of which they become fully reintegrated into society. During this time they participate in classes where they learn skilled work, attend chapel services and counseling sessions, and live a disciplined schedule to help them become productive citizens, and serve others.

With a full staff of professionals, including counselors and trainers, NLC offers its residents the necessary medical help as well as Christian counseling. Residents are guided through reconciliation with their families. 

The NLC men serve the community of Dluga Goslina, where the center is located by helping with local restoration projects.

Although many initially fought the presence of NLC in Dluga Goslina, residents have slowly lowered the wall of resistance through the center's caring interaction in the neighborhood. 

Now, the New Life Center men are well-known in the community for being hard workers and are often sought after for projects!

During their stay, they'll build relationships with followers of Jesus on the NLC staff. They'll see and hear the gospel over and over in many different ways while they are there. 

This combination provides a powerful opportunity for “New Life” spiritually, relationally and financially. 

new life center, poland

A huge factor in the success of the New Life Center is the work and service the men do. They enjoy being seen as productive, contributing citizens. 

new life center, poland

New Life Center residents serve the community.

Christmas at the Square, New Life Center, Bread of Life, Kalisz, Poland

New Life Center residents enjoyed serving at Bread of Life's Christmas at the Square event in Kalisz, to benefit sick children.

New Life Center, Poland

Another key factor in the New Life Center's success is its Biblical foundation.

New Life Center

The faces of some of the men whose lives were changed via the New Life Center. 

This 4 minute video gives you a feel for the incredible impact and changing lives at the New Life Center.



  • Be ambassadors of the New Creation we can be in Christ to those who may have lost hope that they can change. (2 Cor. 5:17)
  • Help participants rebuild their lives and realize God’s potential for them through counseling and community.
  • Teach participants how to become hard working men of integrity and provide valuable trades and skills for them to do that with.


  • Ongoing funding to keep the center open and successfully running—helping these men transition from lives of hopelessness to lives full of God’s love and grace.
  • Funding to expand its beehives and honey project.
  • Funding ($20,000 USD) for a 12 passenger van.

Who’s Involved

  1. Richard Nungesser, Bread of Life International Director and Director of the New Life Center
  2. NLC team of qualified counselors, social workers, and medical personnel

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