The Need

paul and molly, india, paul and molly's girlsIn Southern India, 19 young girls needed someone to care for them, provide for them and to be family for them.

ITMI's Paul and Molly were waiting and eager to trust God for this tall task.

They knew it would be a challenge. They knew it would stretch their faith.

But they jumped in with both feet and never looked back, even though at that time, the girls lived a 17-mile, harrowing bus ride away from Paul and Molly's home, where they were knee deep in multiple ministries.


Paul and Molly's Girls, Prayer

Molly describes this ministry the best:

"By the grace of God in 2010 the Lord entrusted 19 beauties to our family who we love as our own. They live in a wonderful home God provided for us in supernatural ways in 2012 that is just 35 miles outside [their city] we call the "Sunshine Home."

Their names are: Priya, Christina, Angelina, Gloria, Eden Joy, Jennifer, Faith, Trisha, Elizabeth, Rachel Elise, Sarah Grace, Lisa Marie, Camille, Carissa, Sophia, Nancy, Vicky, Sonia and Priscilla.

Each morning our girls leave for school on our bus at 8:30 and return at 4:30 in the afternoon for snacks, play time and home work. They have an hour of prayer time each night where they worship and memorize Bible verses before bed.

We have been so grateful to the Lord for His mercy over two girls, Vicky and Sonia who both had open heart surgeries when they were toddlers and are thriving now without complications. All of our 19 girls are healthy and that is a gift from God.

We want to teach them about His grace and goodness in the midst of our own shortcomings and a world that is predominantly Hindu.

Currently we have one house mother who lives with the girls and helps them in the mornings to prepare for school and evenings with their homework - especially in our absence.

Paul's aunt and uncle who are farmers from a rural village have taken our girls in as their own grandchildren and live on a separate home on the land where they help provide safety as they farm and cultivate the land.

Paul and Molly's girls, India

The girls have an hour of prayer and worship before bed each night.

Paul and Molly's Girls, a home for paul and mollies girls, india

Entering the "Sunshine Home" outside Paul and Molly's city.

Paul and Molly's Girls, a home for paul and mollies girls, india

India, Paul and Molly's gGirls

Ways to Pray for Paul and Molly's Girls

When you think of our girls please pray they have a solid foundation in His Word and a love for Him above all other interests.

Please pray for the Father's continued provision as we live by faith and not by site and He continues to provide in new, unexpected ways for daily needs as we look to Him.

We are praying in the future we can build a Christian School and take His Word into hundreds of villages that intercept with ours.

Thank you for praying for this miracle so our 19 beauties don't have to attend a Hindu school where idols are prayed to in assembly.

Paul and Mollys Girls, India

The girls' school uniforms are required to have Hindu idols on their belt buckles.

Not Orphans, but Cherished Members of a Family

Our girls began to call us "Daddy" and "Mommy" on their own. We never say the word, "orphanage" or "orphans" as He has given us a love to pour into each and know each one uniquely...their favorite colors, animals, personalities and gifts.

Molly, India, Paul and Molly's Girls

Molly spends time with her girls, encouraging them to develop their gifts. 

Their gifts and differences are valued and celebrated, just like their birthdays, teaching all to work together and take care of His home as stewards.

We encourage their independent pursuits of the Lord and using their creative gifts to express their devotion to Him at a young age.

We know God's hand is on our girls in great ways and trust HIS glory to be seen all over India and beyond through their love and passion for HIs Name and renown. Thank you for your loving help and genuine care for our little ladies."

Paul and Molly, Paul and Molly's Girls, India

Paul and Molly with their 23 children! (2017)

Paul and Molly's Girls, India, Grateful Smile

 Paul and Molly's Girls, a home for paul and mollies girls, india

The girls sit on the floor with Paul in their beautiful, clean home.

paul and molly's girls, india, paul

ITMI's Paul swings the girls around on the large porch of their home.

paul and molly's girls, india, paul


  1. Continual prayer for the girls' spiritual growth and for Paul and Molly as they parent and disciple.
  2. $3500 monthly to meet the girls' needs. ($184 monthly per girl or 80 giving partners at $43 a month)

Who’s Involved

  • ITMI to provide oversight and US awareness.
  • Paul's family of believers and Christian workers.
  • Paul and Molly's Church, Harvest India, and the parent church that planted it.

Latest News

Opportunities to Share Jesus are Pouring in from Around the World!

Coronavirus, Project Joseph, ITMI Monthly

These are not families who have pantries full of supplies from Costco. These are people who leave their homes each morning in hopes that they will earn a few cents to purchase food for that day. Not being able to leave means not being able to eat.

The Widow’s Gift

paul and molly, india

Aaruchi is a widow. She keeps herself and her daughter alive by washing clothes for her neighbors. How had she managed to buy 19 dresses and accumulate around $100 in cash? 

Merry Christmas from Your Partners

Merry Christmas from Your Partners, December 2019

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Dear Team: to be Honest, I’m Hurting

dear team, steve evers

It has been a challenging couple of months.  Not so much for what has happened to me personally, but what has been placed in the lap of those that I love and care for.  

The Perils of Following Jesus in India

India, Paul and Molly,

He was still a practicing Hindu when he passed away earlier this year. His wife and children follow Jesus and regularly attend the church pastored by ITMI’s Paul in southern India. His wake was a sad affair. Paul’s wife, Molly, described it this way, “all the guests and family came to ridicule the widow and blame the death [of her husband] on her faith as they do here.”

An Eye-Opening Visit to Rural India

india, paul and molly, village

“Today was really an eye opener,” Steve wrote from India. “I have never – even in all my travels in Africa, seen anything like what I saw today. I thought to myself, ‘…what has Paul gotten me into?’ “

Eleven Partners Share Their Hearts

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During this season of giving, we asked ITMI partners to share their heartfelt answers to several questions. May their answers bless and encourage you!

16 Bonus Byproducts Yielded by Your Investment in ITMI Partners

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Several of our partners’ kids are grown and choosing to become involved in ministries of their own. Others are choosing to minister alongside their parents! It’s exciting to see a new generation of national workers equipped and ready for ministry!

Dear Team: Reflecting the Father as Fathers

steve evers

Author Rob Slane wrote,”Through his words, character, and behavior, each and every father is constantly speaking to his children about the Father. And he will either be speaking the truth or telling a lie to his children about the Father.” I’m excited to share that in the coming months, we will highlight how the influence of the “fathers” of ITMI, while serving faithfully in their mission fields, is being shown by the next generation of ministry family…their kids! We will share how the kids we’ve all watched grow up, are launching off in ministries themselves.

Christmas in India

Paul and Molly, India

It was Christmas morning. The people of Paul and Molly’s church, Harvest Bible Chapel were together for a Christmas breakfast and service. The family of God called happy greetings to one another as they enjoyed breakfast together. Laughter filled the room. Smiles were everywhere.

3 Mountains that Need Moving

Paul and Molly's Girls, India

God has definitely given ITMI’s Paul and Molly more than they can handle! Paul and Molly are raising, educating and providing for 23 children. On a missionary pastor’s income. In the slums of India. Yeah, that’s more than they can handle. And God keeps using it to point to His goodness and tender care for these most treasured girls.

Surprise Inspection Gets Unexpected Results

India, Paul and Molly's Girls

A gruff voice announced, “Surprise inspection!” as a government official pounded on the door of the home where Paul and Molly’s girls live in Southern India.

Three Gifts Emerging from a Season of Trial

India, Paul and Molly

It’s been a season of trial for ITMI partners, Paul and Molly, as well as for their entire church and city. In December, a cyclone caused flooding and water as deep as 7 feet in some areas. Many faced great loss.

7 Things You Can Pray for in India

India, Steve Evers

ITMI partners, Paul and Molly are serving in India alongside Paul’s family of national Christian workers. Together the family operates a sports ministry for impoverished youth from the slums, after-school tutoring centers as well as training local pastors and shepherding a total of 3 churches – a mother and two daughter church plants.

What Paul Said When His Girls Asked About Their Pasts (and 12 other tidbits from life in India)

Paul and Molly, India,

Thank you for carrying these burdens with us! Paul had a huddle with our oldest girls yesterday (9,10 and 11). They are asking many questions about their births now.

A Faraway Place Brought Near

Church Plant, India, Paul and Molly

Visualize a place, an excessively hot, sticky, humid place with 1.3 billion people crammed together who are empowered by generations upon generations’ permissions to judge and even openly oppress those around you who don’t happen to be like you.

Let’s Build a City on a Hill

Paul and Molly, School, Christian Education, India

Frequent kidnappings. Drugs freely available to all. Sub-par academics. Untruths taught about the world. These are the educational guarantees of the Indian government schools in the part of India where ITMI partners, Paul and Molly live and minister. The private Hindu school is God’s provision for their 19 rescued and loved daughters, and Paul and Molly are incredibly thankful to be able to send their girls to a nearby school. In contrast with government schools, it’s the best thing available.

What is it like to be one of Paul and Molly’s 19 Daughters?

Paul, India, Ashraya Daughters

What is it like to be one of Paul and Molly’s girls? Where do they live? What do they like? Where do they go to school, and how do they get there?

The girls affectionately refer to their new home as “sunshine home.”

Paul and Molly's Girls, Homecoming

When you are a little girl, living with 19 other little girls, its important to know that you are special. That you are different. That you are uniquely cared for. By an adult with the power to protect you. What if the only people you know as “mom” and “dad” live a 17 hour bus […]

Providing for 19 Girls: a dream come true

Making 19 girls their daughters was a big dream. Because of Paul and Molly’s faith in God’s ability to provide, today it is a reality. They rejoiced when the opportunity came to accept full responsibility for the girls in 2010. The 19 girls they prayed for, played with, fought for, loved and watched grow from […]