The Need

piotr zaremba, polandAlthough 95% of  people in Poland would identify themselves as Roman Catholic, many have never heard that God wants a personal relationship with them. 

Evangelicals - those who believe and preach a grace and relationship-based salvation as opposed to a rules or works-based salvation - are often viewed as a cult.

They are suspicious.  They are insane.

They are shunned.

Religious Affiliation in Poland, Evangelical Christians in Poland, Poland, ReligionThis means evangelism in Poland requires unique creativity, persistence and boldness.

Up until the Polish Bible Translation being done by Piotr and his team, the only translation of the Bible available in Polish was translated through the lens of a work-based salvation.

Years ago, Piotr was called by God to "Translate for Revival" so that his people be able to read from God's Word that God wants a relationship with them based on God's own goodness, not theirs.

Piotr and his team of translators set out to produce a quality study tool in Polish, allowing people to “feed” themselves from God’s Word.

Piotr shares a misconception that is holding hostage the people of Poland.


Church Planter

Dr. Piotr (Peter) Zaremba is a church planter at heart. His ministry focus is planting, reviving and equipping churches for the Great Commission.

Piotr currently pastors the 5N Baptist Church in Poznan. Within seven years of being planted, the fellowship planted two daughter churches. The Poznan International Church was created for the English-speaking population in Poznan.

The Gniezno Baptist Church was planted under Piotr’s ministry as the only Evangelical fellowship in the chief Roman Catholic city of Poland.

Piotr Zaremba, prayer, Bible, Poland

Piotr prays before baptizing new believers!

Bible Translator

Piotr was appointed as a Bible Translator by the Baptist Union of Poland.

Piotr and his team of translators lead the first Evangelical project of Bible translation for the Polish-speaking people around the world.

Around 1 million copies of some part of the Bible translated by Piotr and his team - either New Testament and Psalms or the whole Bible - are already in circulation world wide!

Piotr Zaremba, Poland, Bible Translator

Piotr's Polish Bible Translation has already reached many in the Polish-speaking world!

In this video, Piotr shares what people are saying about his translation. 

Discipleship and Mission

As he worked on the Polish Bible Translation, Piotr's pastor heart saw many needs and opportunities to reach those around him who don't know that they can have a relationship with Jesus.

He began encouraging, equipping and empowering believers around him to work and eventually lead various ministries reaching several populations in Poland.

Today, there is a network of strong leaders driving powerful ministries under Piotr's oversight. These ministries are Baptizing new believers all the time!

Piotr Zaremba, Poland, Baptism

Piotr Zaremba baptizes new believers who came to faith through one of the ministries in our Poland network. 

Piotr functions as ITMI’s European Director. As such, Piotr provides mentoring and oversight for all of ITMI’s missionaries and projects in Poland and Romania.

Because of Piotr's gifts as a leader, visionary and ability to care for and inspire the people he works with, we know that they will have loving accountability, guidance and wisdom to work under.


Piotr graduated from a Christian Academy of Theology in Warsaw, Poland with a degree in Protestant Theology.

Subsequently, he was elected the Youth President of the Baptist Union of Poland. He held this position for four years, until 1989, when he accepted the challenge to grow the Body of Christ in Poznan, Poland’s second largest city.

Since then, Piotr has played a vital role in planting five churches - four in Poznan and one in Gniezno.

Piotr’s other contributions to the church in Poland include: teaching Systematic Theology and Ethics in the Baptist Seminary, teaching Hebrew at Poznan State University, 17 years of translating and writing of Christian theological books, devotional and study materials, smuggling Bibles into the Soviet Union, and research conducted on the Minor Prophets Scroll found in the Judean Desert and the Psalms scrolls.


  • Complete the translation of the Polish Study Bible.
  • Disciple and mentor Polish and American workers.
  • Grow and multiply Evangelical churches in Poland.


  • Prayer and financial support.
  • Polish workers to support ITMI's many projects in Poland.
  • Short-term missionaries to serve in Poland.

Who’s Involved

  • ITMI to provide oversight and US awareness.
  • ITMI Polish missionaries who independently conduct their various projects under Piotr's oversight.
  • Various churches and supporters around the world.
  • Baptist Union of Poland.

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