The Need

richard and brooke nungesser, polandThe Nungessers strive to share the truth that there is a God that loves each and every person and desires a relationship with them—a life restored in Him!

Social Issues

  • There is a high rate of poverty and unemployment in Poland, and with it – or causing it – homelessness, addictions, social ostracism, estranged families, disillusionment and hopelessness.
  • Substance abuse is destroying families, leaving children in the care of the state or on the streets. Many turn to drugs, violence and alcohol, fueling the cycle of destroyed lives.
  • Sixty percent of the homeless population was orphaned or in the care of the State at some point.

infographic, homeless, Poland, foster, orphaned

Bread of Life, dogs, trash

The homeless compete with dogs for food in the trash.

A Unique Opportunity to Reach the World

Many internationals are coming to Europe for schooling. Poznan University in Poznan, Poland attracts many internationals to the city. Most Internationals will be returning to influence their countries with whatever they have learned during their stay in Poland.

Unfortunately, seventy percent of people of faith who enter the university will abandon their faith before leaving it.

The opportunity to provide a chance for them to learn about Jesus and be equipped to serve and share the gospel where ever they are – Poland or their home country – is unique.


Richard and Brooke Nungesser are entrepreneurs for God’s kingdom, mobilizing the Polish church to respond to the needs around them on two fronts: Bread of Life serving the poor and Poznan International Church serving internationals.

Their passion for loving people and declaring the gospel is growing into a network of people eager and willing to serve those around them in need with the love of Jesus.

Brooke and Richard Nungesser

Richard Nungesser, Bread of Life, Moldova

Richard Nungesser with a homeless friend in Moldova.

Bread of Life

After discovering the great needs of the homeless and destitute in Poland, the Nungessers founded Bread of Life.

The Bread of Life Foundation seeks to meet needs at two levels:

  1. Bread of Life programs meet physical, every day needs through provision.
  2. Spiritual needs are met through prayer breakfasts, relationships and introductions to who Jesus is and what He’s done for them.

Bread of Life, Poland,

Bread of Life, Poland,

Bread of Life demonstrates Christ to those suffering from poverty, unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse, prostitution, the orphaned and the widowed through a wide variety of social services, soup kitchens, education and Biblical training.

From its humble beginnings – Richard serving tea and bread to the homeless in the train station – Bread of Life has grown to a multinational organization that serves the poorest of the poor while equipping national leaders and volunteers in three countries: Poland, Moldova and the Ivory Coast.

All together, Bread of Life is bringing hope and the love of Christ to an estimated 28,000 people annually.



Bread of Life has a presence in 5 cities across Poland. It is the only Christian organization reaching out to the homeless in these cities.

Bread of Life is also the parent of the New Life Center, a transition home where homeless men can receive intense counseling, rehabilitation and life skills under the care of quality professionals during an extended committed stay.

The New Life Center, Transformational Home for Men

The New Life Center transitional home for men.

NLC Residents and Workers

The New Life Center creates opportunities for many to serve the poor among them!

New Life Center, Nationals, Bread of Life, Poland

The Nungessers facilitate short-term teams that get the opportunity to serve, too!

Equipping Nationals to Serve the Poor


Bread of Life, Moldova, Tomek, John, Oxen

Moldovans and Poles equipped to serve the poor in their countries by Bread of Life. John and his wife, Oxen and their two children. John is the Bread of Life Moldova Director. Tomek Jezyk (middle) is the Bread of Life Kalisz Director.

Polish nationals run the day-to-day operations of Bread of Life in multiple cities, but the Nungessers are still heavily involved, providing guidance and raising awareness. 

Follow this link for more information about the Bread of Life Foundation.

Poznan International Church

The Nungessers also pastor Poznan International Church (PIC), an English speaking church for foreign students from all over the world who attend Poznan University. On any given Sunday you’ll find people from every continent. Many come to Poznan without friends or family and are actively looking for a way to connect with others.

Poznan International Church, Poland, Women, Brooke Nungesser

Many internationals come from influential positions in their communities, and will return as respected graduates, taking the message of the Gospel with them and equipped to serve, lead, disciple and equip others to do the same.

To accomplish this, the Nungessers disciple and train and disciple students to Come and Experience God, Grow in Discipleship, Serve with your time, talents and resources, and Go Make Disciples.

Richard and Brooke Nungesser

With internationals being such a diverse and mobile people group, Richard and Brooke have seen more then 135 people come, grow, serve, and go back to over 23 countries as world-focused disciples.

City International


Now, the Nungessers are lifting their eyes to several other cities in Poland, where there are many internationals with no ministry reaching them.

City International is an initiative to equip the next generation, with a special focus on international and national students, families, and professional workers, to fulfill their part in the Great Commission. The idea is for the success of PIC to be duplicated in other major cities in Poznan where there is an international presence.

Baptism, Poland, Richard Nungesser, Piotr Zaremba

Richard and Piotr Zaremba baptize new believers in Poland!


  • Share Jesus with Polish students, homeless and anyone else whose paths they cross.
  • Equip nationals to grow Bread of Life to reach more of the poorest of the poor.
  • Equip internationals to return to their home countries as Christian leaders.
  • Plant International Churches in 10 new cities.


  • Prayer support for Richard and Brooke as they live lives that demonstrate and declare the gospel.
  • Funding for a medical fund for the Nungesser family, allowing them to obtain medical care as needed for their children.
  • Prayer support for Bread of Life and Poznan International Church.
  • Support and funds for more Polish believing workers for Bread of Life’s expansion.
  • Funding and manpower for planting International Churches in 10 new cities.

Who’s Involved

Latest News

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The daughter of ITMI’s Richard and Brooke Nungesser, Adelyne, shares her unique perspective on the Nungesser’s life and ministry in Poland in the first of two short videos. In these two videos, she smiles about the unusual item her 80-year-old school never had and finally installed for the first time ever this year, talks about what she and her friends do for fun, reveals her roles in Bread of Life’s week-long summer camp outreach, Tydzien USA (which means “USA week”) and the annual Christmas event raising funds for sick children, talks about what Poznan International Church is like for youth and how she gets her friends there when they don’t fit in the family car, and tells a funny story on her dad!

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A Week in “Gangland” with the Nungessers

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“Oh, they’re here for my daddy,” he said as the police car entered the neighborhood. His dad had dropped him off at the children’s camp the night before, dead drunk.

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The Nungessers say, “We are most thankful this year for the grace of God in our lives.” Wait until you see the challenging numbers God saw them through!

Do You Know What God Wants You to Do?

Slider, Richard Nungesser, Bread of Life, Ivory Coast

The pastor kept apologizing for his church. He apologized that the floor was only dirt. He apologized that only half the roof was constructed. He invited me to preach to the church leaders but was embarrassed that his church wasn’t completed. Standing before these pastors and missionaries I wanted to give them courage and hope. I wanted to remind them of the essence of their work. I encouraged them with this and I hope it encourages you!

Rebuilding After a Train Wreck – When There’s No Spare Parts

new Life center, Poland

Two trains. One track. Thousands of pounds hurling down the track at high velocity. The end result can only be a disaster.

How I Gained a Desperately Needed New Perspective

new life center, poland, bread of life

“My name is Mateusz. I am 29 years old and I come from Malbork, Poland. Various addictions controlled me in every aspect of my life: from alcohol, to drugs, to gambling. My dependence on them determined the direction of my life. As a result…”

What I Came Home to One Pivotal Friday Night

New Life Center, bread of Life, Poland

One Friday evening, I came home, opened the door and I saw – nothing. The apartment was empty. My wife, kids and all their belongings were gone. All that was left behind was my clothes.

Overcoming Alcohol: 2 Incredible Stories

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For 16 years I was on the street. I lost touch with my family…

How My Life Was Turned Around…and Why That’s So Incredible

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I have been an alcoholic for around 20 years of my life. In my life, I have had two very long spells of non stop alcohol abuse: once for about three years, the second after I lost my mother – which went on for over four years. I was drunk day and night. In December of 2015, I…

A New Outreach Launched in Poland!

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ITMI’s Richard and Brooke Nungesser celebrated the 15th anniversary of their move to Poland to teach English this year.(The same year ITMI celebrated 35 years of keeping you “in touch” with quality national believers who are faithfully doing good work!)  The outreach to the homeless Richard and Brooke founded with a few cups of tea 15 […]

Four Phases of Restoration that are Turning Heads in Poland (Phase 2 is Uncommon and Awesome!)

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Revealed! How the New Life Center succeeds in guiding men through the restoration process, step by step. The Four Phase process that is turning heads in Poland.

How God Opened a Door that Was Once Firmly Shut

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Twelve years ago, the city of Gniezno, Poland wanted ITMI’s Bread of Life and the Gniezno Church to open a soup kitchen and transition home for men. But, instead of helping Bread of Life and the church pay for it, they…

From the Archives: A Most Heartwarming Initiative

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A most heartwarming story of personal initiative comes from ITMI missionaries Richard and Brooke Nungesser based in Poznan – Poland’s second largest city. Their primary work is evangelizing by teaching English as a second language. But they didn’t stop there.

Dear Team: Poland’s Need for Jesus in Pictures

Poland, Steve Evers, Slider

My recent trip to Poland allowed me to see and participate in many heartwarming connections with our Polish brothers and sisters. Included below are a few of the images that I get to experience on my trip to Poland, hoping you get a better idea of what God is doing in this gospel-needy country.

Where the Road Less Travelled Led

New Life Center, Poland, Marcin, Bread of Life

Marcin (pronounced march-in) and his best friend were, in Marcin’s own words “not good guys.” But their lives were about to be turned inside out.

3 Things You Should Know About Bread of Life’s Holy Start

Bread of Life, Poland, Holy Start

When ITMI’s Richard and Brooke Nungesser first arrived in Poland in 2001, their “primary work” was teaching English. God had other plans for the pair.

How He Overcame a Troubled Past and Achieved Greatness

Poland, New Life Center, Bread of Life, Marcin

Please remember this man, his face, and his story—for he is no longer here to share it on earth, but his life is worth remembering! His name is Piotr and he will be remembered as…

What the Man Who Attempted Suicide 48 Times Did on New Year’s Eve

Daniel Machlowski, Poland, New Life Center

Arthur lived on Poland’s streets for 16 years. He bounced in and out of 12 different shelters. Life was such torment for Arthur that he attempted to take his own life – not just once – but 48 times.