The Need

Stone Hill is a squatter camp outside of Cape Town, South Africa. The youth of Stone Hill are incredibly hardened by the depravity of their culture.

Alcohol, drugs, theft, stabbings and rape are common occurrences in their everyday lives.

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk, Poverty

Stone Hill settlement, outside Cape Town, South Africa.

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk, Sports, Poverty

Run down shacks like this one are the only thing that stands between most Stone Hill families and the damp, cold South African winter. 

Most girls are encouraged by their mother to have sex before marriage and give birth, thus proving their fertility.

Homes are filled with illegitimate children who have no idea who their father is. If there is a man in the home, he is probably their mother’s boyfriend.

One young man was set on fire in a revenge attack and another was stabbed to death over a cigarette. 

A group of believers has spearhead discipleship opportunities for the youth of Stone Hill using activities like wrestling, soccer, handball and crafts as catalysts to build relationships with the youth.

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk, youth

Stone Hill girls with their crafts.

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk, Sports

The Stone Hill wrestling team surprised everyone by winning the championship!


Through activities and relationships built while doing them, the youth are learning that they have value. They are discovering how a trustworthy, godly adult lives.

They experience the novelty of safe relationships.

They encounter Jesus through His people.

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk

Stone Hill youth connect with believers through outreach activities.

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk

New shacks built by believers are a big upgrade for many Stone Hill families.

Enjoy this 3 minute video of Charl telling the story of Stone Hill.



  • Build relationships with the people of Stone Hill, through generosity and activities. 
  • Declare and demonstrate God's Kingdom through relationships. 


  • Prayer for hearts open to the gospel in Stone Hill. 
  • Prayer for protection of those living in and those serving in Stone Hill. 
  • Funds to continue operating programs and outreaches, including the outreach facility. 

Who’s Involved

  • ITMI's Charl van Wyk partners with many other believers to reach Stone Hill with the Good News. 
  • ITMI's Mark Parris is the pastor of Durbanville Community Church to which many of the believers who serve Stone Hill belong. 

Latest News

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It was a chilling winter day in Gugulethu, South Africa. Pastor Vuyo Nyabaza looked up from the task he was busy with – one of many involved with offering lunch for the hungry families in the impoverished area. His fingers were stiff with cold. That’s when he saw it – a sight that made his heart ache.

How Little Becomes Plenty

How Little Becomes Plenty, South Africa, Charl van Wyk, Stone Hill

Conventional wisdom questions; how much can we really accomplish with little? As mere humans, we tend to believe that a lot more can be achieved if we had large financial resources, talented manpower, and innovative ideas. But these things don’t really matter to God.

The Gospel is Advancing in Ways We Never Thought Possible!

South Africa, Stone Hill, Charl van Wyk

“The Kingdom of God is now advancing in ways we never thought possible; hope is being restored daily and none of this would’ve happened without your special donation, we truly appreciate the partnership,” writes Pastor Vuyo of Gugulethu, outside CapeTown, South Africa. Pastor Vuyo’s church ministers in a tough area, known as “gangster land.” Last month…

Opportunities to Share Jesus are Pouring in from Around the World!

Coronavirus, Project Joseph, ITMI Monthly

These are not families who have pantries full of supplies from Costco. These are people who leave their homes each morning in hopes that they will earn a few cents to purchase food for that day. Not being able to leave means not being able to eat.

Encouraging Words and Verses from ITMI Partners

Encouraging Words and Verses from our Partners

Our partners have been reaching out and sharing some truly encouraging verses and thoughts with regard to the Coronavirus pandemic. Their unique perspectives and experiences plus a variety of cultural backgrounds means they’ve shared encouragement we may not have thought to remind ourselves of. These words of hope come from all parts of the Bible, yet when brought together, they are unified in the message that we can rest in His sovereignty. May they uplift and feed your spirit!

How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Affecting Our Partners

itmi monthly, april 2020, coronavirus

Though most of their churches have been unable to gather, our partners are continuing to minister. Now is most certainly a time when the people of God worldwide need to be reminded to put their trust in Him.

Two Stone Hill Women Met Jesus. What They’re Doing Now is Inspiring.

Stone Hill, South Africa

When Olga and Lwazikazi got saved, they would never have guessed what they’d voluntarily do to Lwazikazi’s home. It was a cold August evening in Stone Hill, South Africa. …

Charl Gets a Shocking and Serious Warning, featuring Charl van Wyk (Podcast Episode)

Charl gets a shocking warning

In part 3, Charl and Steve Evers are chatting about a practicing witch’s observation of the power of the ministry in Stone Hill, what happened when one of the believing young men in Stone Hill was commanded by his fathers to make a sacrifice to his ancestors, the surprising response of youth in Stone Hill when invited out to lunch after their wrestling competition, and three things we can hold up in prayer for Charl and his ministry.

What We Can’t Tell You

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