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Feature, Vicky Waraka, South SudanThe civil war in Sudan between the Islamic north and the Christian south waged for almost 3 decades.

In 2011, the South gained their independence from the North, and Juba became the capital city of the newly birthed South Sudan.

But the decades of bombings and attacks left their infrastructure destroyed and South Sudanese believers isolated from the rest of the world.

The only way in to the area for so long was on a puddle-hopper airplane, so materials that could be brought in were limited.  All this combined has been a great challenge to the South Sudanese church’s spiritual growth.

With no outside accountability, it has been difficult for the church not to bow to the culture around her. 

It's not uncommon to find large segments of the church in Sudan existing for the benefit of the leader or pastor, who in turn promises his followers prosperity and refuge.

However, in the course of using his title as pastor for personal benefit, he often delivers only guilt and pressure.

This has severely maimed the Body of Christ in this area, rendering her almost powerless to declare and demonstrate truth into their culture.


Church Leadership

When Steve Evers and Timothy Keller visited South Sudan in 2009, ITMI partner, Vicky Waraka traveled to Mundri, South Sudan, to meet with Steve. 

South Sudan, Vicky Waraka, Steve Evers, Tim Keller, Jahim Buli, Justin

Left to Right: Timothy Keller, Lazarus, Vicky, Steve Evers, Justin, Jahim Buli.

Logistics led to her and a couple travel partners being stranded in Mundri, where the ITMI team was sharing the SALT material. With nothing else to do, they stayed for the teaching. 

South Sudan, SALT training, Vicky Waraka

SALT training in Mundri, South Sudan.

When Steve returned to South Sudan in 2012, he discovered that the SALT material he'd presented two years before had taken such root that Vicky, Lazarus (pictured above) and two others had planted a church, Revival and Fire Ministry, Juba, based on the principles! 

Shared leadership - not one leader with a title. 

No titles.

No head pastor.

Humbly responsive to the Spirit.

This model was so starkly different from the standard African church, that people are drawn to this church by droves. 

They had already funded a church building, which is unheard of for such a young church in a war-torn, impoverished, African country, but quickly grew out of it in 2 months time!

Vicky Waraka, Steve Evers, South Sudan, Church Planting

Vicky and Steve Evers with leaders from the Revival and Fire Ministry.(2016)


South Sudan, Revival and Fire Ministries, Vicky Waraka

Vicky's church plant gathering on Easter Sunday in South Sudan.

Vicky Waraka, South Sudan

Vicky prays with and counsels women from the church and the community each week.

South Sudan

The church is located in this Muslim neighborhood.

This dynamic church can’t even keep up with the awning space needed! 

During Steve's visit he preached to the congregation under multi-colored awnings, which the church members pain-stalkingly erect each Sunday. 

This church is a refreshing preview of God's Kingdom for the war-torn and weary people of South Sudan! 



ITMI has had a long-standing relationship with a group of believers in South Sudan. Timothy Keller has been visiting them for more than a decade. 

On one such visit, Steve met Vicky. She was caring for 11 orphans on no income, but impressed Steve with her contented heart, gracious spirit and trust in God. 



Latest News

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Vicky Waraka, South Sudan, Project Joseph

In June of 2020, when the entire world was locking down and staying home to avoid spreading COVID-19, thousands of residents of South Sudan and Sudan living near the White Nile river were forced to leave their homes. 

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Angelina’s New Hope: Vicky, Lazarus and Team Share Hope in Uganda Refugee Camp

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Angelina and her children were forced from their home in 2013 when the first tribal violence erupted in South Sudan. Angelina and her family ended up around 130 miles south of South Sudan’s southern border, in Kiryandongo Refugee settlement near Bweyale, Uganda. Last month, ITMI helped a team of believers from Juba, South Sudan equip pastors and leaders in Bweyale with a 3-day workshop. 

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Our Visit to South Sudan, Podcast Episode

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What would you do if you found yourself living in a war-zone? If you regularly saw your neighbors’ homes pierced with bullet holes? If you didn’t feel safe in your home but felt even more at-risk outside of it. If the threat of tribal violence threatened your children?

8 Improvements to Vicky’s Property that Reveal What Life is Like in South Sudan

Vicky’s home isn’t like anything we’re used to seeing. Physically, its uniquely South Sudanese. These 8 improvements will illuminate life in South Sudan. But it isn’t just the physical differences between living in South Sudan and other parts of the world that make this home a special place.

One South Sudanese Man’s Letter: “Everything Has Changed in My Life!”

South Sudan, Jahim Buli

“After you spoke…everything has changed in my life,” wrote one South Sudanese man, a believer who had lived in a family feud with his sister for 8 years. Their angst toward one another had grown so bitter and strong that…

Dear Team: 125 Women Overjoyed With God’s Word

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Almost Arrested: A Day We’ll Never Forget

Steve Evers, South Sudan,

It dawned as normal as a morning can be for Americans visiting Juba, South Sudan. But it turned out to be a day we’ll never forget.ITMI’s Kent Reisenauer and I waited in our hotel’s small restaurant. Vicky Waraka, our long-time South Sudanese partner, was late for our breakfast meeting. 

Dear Team: We Really Shouldn’t Be So Surprised…

South Sudan, Steve Evers, Dear Team, Jahim Buli, Lazarus

ITMI’s Lazarus Yezinai tells us of a woman named Miss Anita who came to the church that ITMI helped start from the teachings of VCLi’s S.A.L.T. Discipleship training. The church is located on the front lines of battle, inside this Muslim slum. Miss Anita was not at church to worship, but specifically to…

How to Do Ministry When Every Single Person’s Needs are Intense

slider, vicky waraka, south sudan

ITMI’s Vicky Waraka saw her standing in the door of her house. She was 85 years old. Her face was tense, reflecting the hard life she led. Vicky’s gracious smile and greeting prompted a smile from the old woman. “Welcome,” she said, giving Vicky a chair. The elderly woman began to share…

Why He Turned Down Financial Support (and why it rocks us)

Lazarus, South Sudan, Steve Evers

His response was so unexpected that ITMI’s Director, Steve Evers, re-stated the question. “Would you like to be an ITMI partner?”Most people jump at such an offer. But not Lazarus.

Bullets Whizzed by While I Gave Birth On the Roadside.

South Sudan, Vicky Waraka

Bullets whizzed through the air. Gunshots echoed around her. Hannah, due to give birth any day now, was frantically running away from the raucous.

Dear Team: What I Wouldn’t Have Seen if I Didn’t Go to South Sudan

Steve Evers, Dear Team, South Sudan, Vicky Waraka

“Catch a flight out of South Sudan as soon as possible.” I was looking at a few-day-old communique from the US Government containing that warning for any Americans who might find themselves in South Sudan. There was even an offer to US citizens who “are unable to get a flight out, contact us and we will assist.” I was scheduled to be on a flight to South Sudan that very week.

I Am Not God: the African Church Leaders’ Battle

South Sudan, Prayer

It seems God is starting a movement in South Sudan and He used ITMI Board Member, Bob Fulkerson, Steve and ITMI to plant the seed.

A Spiritual Battle in South Sudan

south sudan, facebook

As you may know I am in Juba, South Sudan. It is very important to these people that you make sure you say “South Sudan” and not just “Sudan”. They fought long and hard, with much loss and sacrifice

My Whirlwind Month

Steve Evers, Dear Team,

What a whirlwind month it has been! John Jere was finally able to get the U. S. Embassy in Lusaka, Zambia to issue him an entry visa for the United States. That put us on high alert as we hastily rescheduled as many of his meetings as possible. The many meetings, both pre-scheduled by us and all those “God-scheduled” meetings have been an overwhelming blessing to John’s heart and soul.