The Need

india, a home for paul and mollys girlsPaul and Molly's girls need a place to live in Paul and Molly's city. When Paul and Molly accepted full responsibility for providing for and raising the 19 girls, the girls lived a 17 hour bus-ride from Paul and Molly's other ministries. 

In 2013, the girls moved from their mountain home, to what they immediately began calling "Sunshine Home," because of the way the sun poured in through the windows.

Paul and Molly desire to honor this beautiful gift God has provided for them and their girls by taking good care of it. They want it to remain a wonderful place for their girls to grow up.

They'd also like to rescue more girls, if funds and logistics allow in the future.

Maintaining this property is a big expense on a missionary's income. Paul and Molly need the help of a community to maintain and care for this property.


Paul and Molly, Paul and Molly's Girls, India

Paul and Molly with all 23 of their children!

Paul and Molly are raising funds to build and maintain a beautiful home for their girls, with room for more girls to be rescued from female infanticide in the future.

As funds allow, they are moving the property toward sustainability, which would allow them to take in more girls as costs decrease. 

Once the basic building was built, they planted trees and dug wells. 

But there is still a long way to go to maximize the productivity of this property. 

Paul and Molly's Girls, India, home

Paul and Molly's Girls, a home for paul and mollies girls, india

Entering the girls' home.

Paul and Molly's Girls, a home for paul and mollies girls, india

 The girls sit on the immaculately clean floor with Paul.

Paul and Molly's Girls, a home for paul and mollies girls, india

A playground in their yard contributes to the flourishing of these beauties.

paul and molly's girls, india, paul

Paul swings the girls on his arms on the large porch of the girls' home. 

Latest News

“Paul Prepared Us for This!”

Paul, India, Discipleship

Raucous laughter floated over the cinder block wall. The humid air carried the sound through slightly swaying palm branches to the covered porch where ITMI partner, Molly, stood. Thirty-five miles from the city, the millions of stars twinkled overhead in the night sky, obstructed only by the bright moonlight that spilled through the night. 

Dear Team: to be Honest, I’m Hurting

dear team, steve evers

It has been a challenging couple of months.  Not so much for what has happened to me personally, but what has been placed in the lap of those that I love and care for.  

Dear Team: Reflecting the Father as Fathers

steve evers

Author Rob Slane wrote,”Through his words, character, and behavior, each and every father is constantly speaking to his children about the Father. And he will either be speaking the truth or telling a lie to his children about the Father.” I’m excited to share that in the coming months, we will highlight how the influence of the “fathers” of ITMI, while serving faithfully in their mission fields, is being shown by the next generation of ministry family…their kids! We will share how the kids we’ve all watched grow up, are launching off in ministries themselves.

3 Mountains that Need Moving

Paul and Molly's Girls, India

God has definitely given ITMI’s Paul and Molly more than they can handle! Paul and Molly are raising, educating and providing for 23 children. On a missionary pastor’s income. In the slums of India. Yeah, that’s more than they can handle. And God keeps using it to point to His goodness and tender care for these most treasured girls.

Surprise Inspection Gets Unexpected Results

India, Paul and Molly's Girls

A gruff voice announced, “Surprise inspection!” as a government official pounded on the door of the home where Paul and Molly’s girls live in Southern India.

“We Had 50 Radical Hindus Ready to Fight at Our Door.”

Paul and Molly, Harvest Bible Chapel, Church Plant, India, persecution

The morning of, we had 50 radical Hindus ready to fight at our door. Leaders ushered Paul inside to hide in the prayer room as they stood their ground declaring, “You cannot stop us from worshipping today or any other day”.

What is it like to be one of Paul and Molly’s 19 Daughters?

Paul, India, Ashraya Daughters

What is it like to be one of Paul and Molly’s girls? Where do they live? What do they like? Where do they go to school, and how do they get there?

The girls affectionately refer to their new home as “sunshine home.”

Paul and Molly's Girls, Homecoming

When you are a little girl, living with 19 other little girls, its important to know that you are special. That you are different. That you are uniquely cared for. By an adult with the power to protect you. What if the only people you know as “mom” and “dad” live a 17 hour bus […]

Five (yes, five!)Life Altering Changes that Happened in Just One Year

Paul and Molly, India, Paul and Molly's Girls, Harvest Bible Chapel

Is it possible to welcome to your family the third boy in four years (meaning you already have two very young boys), complete an intensive church planter training, oversee a large scale building project taking place on another continent, adopt 19 young girls who don’t legally exist and become a US citizen…all in about one year?