The Need

betheda home, romaniaIn the wake of the Communist regime, the utter poverty in Romania is still apparent. The Romanian elderly receive the equivalent of $25 USD per month as a pension to live on.

This must cover food, rent and heat.

Those whose spouses are still alive are slightly better off because they receive two pensions. But the widowed very often cannot afford to survive.

Homes for the elderly and disabled are available, but are generally dirty, undesirable and for some, unaffordable.


Via and Daria Pop, disabled and aging themselves, fund, manage and provide care for 5 elderly and disabled Romanian widows in Arad, Romania. They “adopted” the ladies into their family.

Tangibles such as food, heat and care are supplied. Intangible needs - dignity, community and significance flow freely at Bethesda Home.

Bethesda Home, Romania, Widows

Bethesda Home, Vio Pop

The Bethesda residents - Lia, Moni, Ileana, Elaine and Florita - currently face significant physical challenges.

Four of them cannot walk, and one is bedridden. Another is blind and deaf, unable even to chew solid food. One is on oxygen for respiratory failure.

They require two full-time nurses round-the-clock. 

Daria has an incredibly soft heart toward the physically disabled and suffering. For years, she taught at a local medical school and directed a Christian school for disabled children. As time allowed, she drove to a remote village to provide the only medical care they would receive - free of charge. 

The residents do donate 90% of their $25 pension to help cover the cost of the care, but each widow's expenses are $747/month.  

The Pops have been slowly - as funds are available - constructing a facility where they'd be able to take in more widows. 


  • Evangelize while providing Christian love to the needy.
  • Raise funds to maintain their current facilities.
  • Acquire a facility where they could house elderly men.


  • Funding to pay the nurses who care for the women and to expand the facilities to better serve the elderly in need.
  • Financial support for the Vio and Daria to cover increased living costs. The pension that the elderly contribute does not cover the additional cost of caring for them.
  • Increased exposure to those with hearts to care for the elderly and disabled.
  • Prayer for Vio and Daria as they serve the Lord in this ministry.

Who’s Involved

  • ITMI to provide oversight and US presence for exposing this ministry to potential supporters.
  • Supporting churches in England and the US.

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Bethesda Home, Romania

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