The Need

Clean, safe water, India, featureThe marginalized people squatting in Indian slums don't receive city services like sanitation and nearby access to clean water.

They must make a daily trek to collect water, sometimes through perilous obstacles.

These are people who have no value in the Indian caste system, so no one cares that they are without water and live among trash and disease-ridden debris. According to the Hindu belief in reincarnation, others may even believe they deserve to suffer because of some misdeed in a prior life.

The people living in these slums are outcast, rejected and vulnerable. They don't know they have immense value to their Creator as bearers of His Image.

ITMI partner, Paul, has identified a slum in his city where residents needed to cross a dangerous set of railroad tracks to bring water to their homes. Some have died crossing the tracks for water.

Paul and Molly, India

A slum in Paul and Molly's city.

Paul and Molly, India

A woman returns to the slum with her water. It is so heavy, she can't step up over the track and needs a helping hand.



Once boreholes were dug throughout this area, it established a relationship allowing Paul's church to set up a tutoring center for the children who live there to come after school. 

They were also welcomed in to provide a VBS for the children there. 

Paul and Molly, India

Water pumps throughout the slum have earned Paul and his church the right to share Jesus in the area. 

Paul and Molly, India, tutoring center

"They can have their own relationship with Jesus here," Paul says from inside the one-room tutoring center.

Paul and Molly, India

Paul sits with the VBS children as they enthusiastically repeat Bible verses, truths and songs.

Paul and Molly, India

Big smiles on the children's faces reveal their appreciation for rare, organized fun.

Paul and Molly, India


$778 Provides Clean, Safe Water for Many

A well can be drilled in this area for $778.

For under $1000, we can improves many lives. We can show the people they are not thrown out with the trash, but valued and loved.

We can expand the reach of Paul and his church as they demonstrate and declare the Good News in India.

By funding the digging of a well you can:

  1. Provide access to clean, safe water to many.
  2. Open the door for the Gospel to be shared with a large group of people who practice Hinduism.
  3. Save lives by reducing the volume and frequency of track crossings.
  4. Begin a movement. Just a few people faithfully reaching out to a needy area can draw attention and influence more people to get involved.
  5. Demonstrate to an entire city that there is a Creator and He values this group of people.



  • Improve the lives of as many as possible with 17 boreholes providing clean, safe water. 
  • Declare and demonstrate the Good News in a marginalized area.
  • Build trust by valuing the people in the area, paving the way for other outreaches.

Who’s Involved

  • ITMI partners, Paul and Molly, to lead the outreach efforts in the area. 
  • Paul's family of Indian nationals to lead and support outreach efforts.
  • Paul and Molly's church, Harvest Bible Chapel, to declare and demonstrate the Gospel through other outreaches in the area. 

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