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Kent Reisenaur, headshot, featureITMI's staff enables believers all over the world to partner with each other for the benefit of God's kingdom.

Kent's extensive project management experience and organizational skills are utilized to keep our office staff running efficiently so our partners can be enabled and equipped with as much information and as many resources as possible.



ITMI's mission to serve and empower national workers as they pursue the flourishing of their communities in Jesus' name.

ITMI partners' work spans from taking in unwanted babies, youth outreach, sports ministry, elderly care, outreach in rural and isolated places, provision of physical needs such as medical attention and clean, safe water. But they also include the meeting of spiritual needs, such as the need for community, building up family relationships and Bible translation.

Each of these vital contributions is done in the name of Jesus, for His glory, and in hopes that many would come into a relationship with Him. 

Vicky Waraka, Steve Evers, South Sudan, Church Planting

ITMI serves and empowers nationals around the world as they reach their communities with Good News.

Empowering these national workers requires corralling a massive amount of data, identifying problems and creative solutions, careful accounting and effective communication. In short, empowering the work our partners do consists of a plethora of mini-projects.

That's where Kent comes in.

Kent's extensive project management experience and organizational skills are profoundly appreciated by the entire organization, leading to the completion of impactful projects that otherwise would not be accomplished. 
Kent Rausenauer


During the last 10 years Kent has led 5 mission trips through his local church to the countries of Panama and Costa Rica to support the national missionaries and the Guyami Indians. 

These trips helped plant 3 new churches, conduct vacation bible services and help enhance the existing churches through painting, ceramic floor tile, ceilings, providing electricity and children's playground activities.

Kent Reisenauer

Kent with a Guyami girl.

Kent Reisenauer

Kent installing ceramic floor tile for a church in South America.


1. Serve and empower ITMI partners.
2. Manage projects effectively to enhance the impact of ITMI partners.


  1. God’s wisdom and discernment for ITMI and projects.
  2. Prayer for his family as he travels.

Latest News

Dear Team: Visiting a Slum in Uganda with Kawede

Uganda, Steve Evers, Muhindo Kawede

What struck me in this particular slum – where at least 30% of the residents are refugees from Kawede’s homeland – was that the people live in such filthy conditions, it’s hard to describe.

International Incident Averted! An update from our mission team.

uganda, steve evers, mission visits

“Something funny happened as we waited for our departure plane in Phoenix,” Steve says. It was 10pm on a Tuesday night. We were waiting to board our plane in the crowded waiting area. Other than the normal amount of TSA security-induced tension in the room, it was a fairly subdued crowd.

A Story of Gratitude

gratitude, Uganda, Francis, Steve Evers

Francis could not hold his gratitude at bay. With tears of gratitude, maybe even relief, he fell to his knees and flung his arms around the legs of ITMI’s Steve Evers, sobbing. “Thank you. Thank you…” he kept repeating. What Steve was empowered by ITMI supporters to do was simple. For Francis, it was life-changing.

South Sudanese Widow’s Life Changed by Biblical Training

Steve Evers, Vicky Waraka, South Sudan

Nursa stood, facing the congregation of her fellow believers who had gathered for an evening service in Juba, South Sudan. “God is Good,” she reminded them, and she illuminated how He’d been good to her personally. Nursa, a widow, attended the SALT Financial training ITMI’s Steve Evers and Kent Reisenauer gave earlier this year…

Too Giddy to Discipline

ECA, Zambia, Steve Evers

“I am too happy and I cannot discipline you!” she told the students. What made normally very restrained and professional teachers too giddy to discipline their students? Find out more…

Straight from the Field

Steve Evers, Travel

The trip began with an airplane fire over the ocean and a vehicle robbery. Not exactly how you’d choose to begin a 4 week trek through South Africa and Zambia.

8 Improvements to Vicky’s Property that Reveal What Life is Like in South Sudan

Vicky’s home isn’t like anything we’re used to seeing. Physically, its uniquely South Sudanese. These 8 improvements will illuminate life in South Sudan. But it isn’t just the physical differences between living in South Sudan and other parts of the world that make this home a special place.

Just in Time

Just in Time, ITMI Monthly

After three long days of labor, Laizah was experiencing complications and still had not given birth. The doctor ordered a C-section procedure. “If you don’t have money, they usually use student doctors or nurses to do the operation,” her husband, Cozmore, explains.

Almost Arrested: A Day We’ll Never Forget

Steve Evers, South Sudan,

It dawned as normal as a morning can be for Americans visiting Juba, South Sudan. But it turned out to be a day we’ll never forget.ITMI’s Kent Reisenauer and I waited in our hotel’s small restaurant. Vicky Waraka, our long-time South Sudanese partner, was late for our breakfast meeting. 

Steve’s Preaching Adventure in Uganda

Steve Evers, Uganda

It was a tranquil Sunday morning. The town of Kampala, Uganda had not yet awakened. The tropical birds and insects, filled the air with clatter and squeaking as they searched for their breakfast. I enjoyed the calming effects of distant, traditional whole-choir numbers from an open-air Catholic parish even as they competed with faint chants from a nearer Muslim mosque. The tranquility of the morning would be long-gone later that afternoon.

What I Learned from a 9-Year-Old

Steve Evers, Uganda

We just wanted to go to Katooga slum to get a few photos telling the story of what life is like in much of Uganda, give out a few “sweets” and not cause a scene. But Francis had other plans.