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Kent Reisenaur, headshot, featureITMI's staff enables believers all over the world to partner with each other for the benefit of God's kingdom.

Kent's extensive project management experience and organizational skills are utilized to keep our office staff running efficiently so our partners can be enabled and equipped with as much information and as many resources as possible.



ITMI's mission to serve and empower national workers as they pursue the flourishing of their communities in Jesus' name.

ITMI partners' work spans from taking in unwanted babies, youth outreach, sports ministry, elderly care, outreach in rural and isolated places, provision of physical needs such as medical attention and clean, safe water. But they also include the meeting of spiritual needs, such as the need for community, building up family relationships and Bible translation.

Each of these vital contributions is done in the name of Jesus, for His glory, and in hopes that many would come into a relationship with Him. 

Vicky Waraka, Steve Evers, South Sudan, Church Planting

ITMI serves and empowers nationals around the world as they reach their communities with Good News.

Empowering these national workers requires corralling a massive amount of data, identifying problems and creative solutions, careful accounting and effective communication. In short, empowering the work our partners do consists of a plethora of mini-projects.

That's where Kent comes in.

Kent's extensive project management experience and organizational skills are profoundly appreciated by the entire organization, leading to the completion of impactful projects that otherwise would not be accomplished. 
Kent Rausenauer


During the last 10 years Kent has led 5 mission trips through his local church to the countries of Panama and Costa Rica to support the national missionaries and the Guyami Indians. 

These trips helped plant 3 new churches, conduct vacation bible services and help enhance the existing churches through painting, ceramic floor tile, ceilings, providing electricity and children's playground activities.

Kent Reisenauer

Kent with a Guyami girl.

Kent Reisenauer

Kent installing ceramic floor tile for a church in South America.


1. Serve and empower ITMI partners.
2. Manage projects effectively to enhance the impact of ITMI partners.


  1. God’s wisdom and discernment for ITMI and projects.
  2. Prayer for his family as he travels.

Latest News

An Often Overlooked Weapon in the Church’s Arsenal

Ban, Romania, Slider

Dr. Joseph C. Aldrich is quoted as saying something some might find surprising. Aldrich highlights one of the “weapons” at the church’s disposal for evangelism in Lifestyle Evangelism. Is it training? It is it a certain tract or method? Is it passion? Is it an effusive and charasmatic personality? Caring for orphans and widows? To be sure, these have great value, and are important parts of sharing the Good News, but Aldrich makes a different claim.

How Did You Get These Young Men to be Obedient and Disciplined?

Charl van Wyk, Zimbabwe

You may be really blessed to have a Christian community around you. A community of sisters and brothers in Christ where you are loved, cherished and supported. In Africa, the opportunity to experience the building of a world around the Gospel—to just taste what living a Gospel life is like—is for the most part, just a distant and seemingly unattainable dream. A dream that few can even fathom.

He Should Have Been Happy to Go Home. But He Wasn’t.

Jim la Rose, Poland

Twelve-year-old Kamil (name changed for his protection) wore an expression that was odd for a boy leaving the hospital. His face should have been happy. He was going home after having tubes put in his ears. The tubes would have relieved much of the intense inner ear pain the boy had experienced. He should be smiling. But Kamil’s face was more sad than anything else.

Insights Gleaned from Zambian Birds

johan leach, Zambia

Early this morning while sitting next to the Zambezi River, these two Hawks decided to perch in the tree above me. Slowly I brought my camera up and started shooting away. As my camera clicked away the hawks graciously took off now having broken twigs in their beaks. It was not long when a crow arrived on the scene, and with some audacity started stealing the twigs from the nest that the Hawks were building.

Kumbaya. Or Not.

Timothy Keller, Zambia

Village or remote outreach is a regular part of our ministry in Zambia. Over the years I have learned that if there’s one thing you can expect in Africa, it is the unexpected. In spades. We even have a name for it: “The Africa Factor”. (I hope you hear ominous music in the background, because believe me, you should.) A few weeks ego I experienced an epic edition of this phenomena.

Peeling Garlic for Sixty-Two Cents a Day

David and Taru, India

ITMI’s David and Taru minister in a Muslim slum in Bangalore, India. Their years of service in this area have given them unique…

Dear Team: Don’t Fall for a Bluff

Steve Evers, Dear Team

During WW2 Singapore City was about to face a siege by the Japanese. General Yamamoto delivered a note saying, “In the interests of chivalry we invite you to surrender.” Lance Percival fell for it and surrendered despite outnumbering the Japanese 4 to 1.

A Simple and Cost-effective Solution to a Complex Problem

South Africa, Charl van Wyk, Stone Hill, Mark Parris

Yonela pressed her fingertips into the corners of her eyes. She ran them across her dark eyebrows and shook her head in fatigue and frustration. From the front of the South African high school classroom, her algebra teacher was explaining a complicated concept in Afrikaans, Yonela’s third language. At home, Yonela speaks Xhosa and English.  Yonela was desperately trying…

Thank You for My Leg

Mpumelelo, Charl van Wyk, Zambia

“Uncle, thank you for my leg.” This is how Mpumelelo thanked me in his broken English. In some African cultures the elderly and infirm, perceived as being worthless to the tribe will be left behind as the nomadic tribe moves on – and they will die of hunger or be eaten by wild animals. But that’s not where this story ends.

4 Things You Should Know About Life in Remote Villages

Africa, Villages

“I used to think, ‘All for one and one for all,’ is what village life is all about, right? That the villages are populated by the “noble savage” and lead a connected, unified community life,” says ITMI’s Timothy Keller. But unfortunately, this version of village life may be popular in Hollywood and children’s tales, its simply not what Timothy has found after over a decade of ministry in African villages. “Rural Africa is

After Graduation: How One ISM Graduate is Using His Education

Uganda, Kawede

There may be “no atheists in foxholes” but there are likely many believing false doctrine in Republic of Burundi military.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Builds Something Lasting

Jim La Rose, Poland

The first days of summer camp 2017 were rough. It was early August. Instead of the normal anticipation and excitement that should have shrouded the beginning of the week, a cloud of negativity hung over the camp like smog.

Helping a Seventeen Year-old Crocodile Attack Victim

Zimbabwe, Charl van Wyk

One young man arrived on crutches from an injury he suffered in a crocodile attack. Thankfully, he wasn’t alone during the attack. In a vicious fight his friends clung to his upper body and arms while the croc clutched his foot before—praise the Lord—the friends finally won out. Medical staff managed to save his foot and toes.

How Piotr’s Bible Translation is Equipping Evangelists Effectively

Polish Bible Translation, Poland, Piotr Zaremba

Thank you so much for all your prayers!  God has already answered them in an amazing way. Daria managed to pass her final exam with flying colors – and that’s not even the best part! 

Dear Team: “Not on Our Watch!”

mpumelelo, zimbabwe, charl van wyk

I want to be one of these boys.  I don’t know their names, but I know their actions. They are probably like most any boy who lives in Zimbabwe today.  Loves to play football (soccer), gets into mischief, wishes for a chance to go to school, and goes to bed hungry way more than they want and way more than we experience here in the States. I still want to be one of them. 

Roaring Lion: Everyone Needs to be Saved

johan leach, Zambia

It’s 1:30am. Traveling through the Kafue Game Park in central Zambia, I become aware of the most beautiful lion I have ever seen. Saying that I’m isolated in the middle of the night in the middle of the African bush, is an almost humorous understatement.  I’m approaching fast. This beautiful lion is on the outer parameter of my vehicle’s headlamps. Black-maned and still young, this full grown male is unaware or is intentionally ignoring my approach. It is intent on something on the opposite side of the road….

How Casa Dorca Built a Family Environment this Summer

Romania, Casa Dorca

GIVE NOW Romania Nestled in the rolling countryside of beautiful but rugged rural Romania is ITMI’s Casa Dorca Orphanage.  Casa Dorca is more than an orphanage.  Casa Dorca is a family. At Casa Dorca, the older children don’t bully the younger ones, they watch out for them. At Casa Dorca, the children are raised with […]

Do You Know What God Wants You to Do?

Slider, Richard Nungesser, Bread of Life, Ivory Coast

The pastor kept apologizing for his church. He apologized that the floor was only dirt. He apologized that only half the roof was constructed. He invited me to preach to the church leaders but was embarrassed that his church wasn’t completed. Standing before these pastors and missionaries I wanted to give them courage and hope. I wanted to remind them of the essence of their work. I encouraged them with this and I hope it encourages you!

What We Found in War-Torn Ukraine

Bans, Ukraine

Things were different before the war broke out in Mironovsk, Ukraine. For 15 years prior to the streets being filled with crumbling structures, a small church of 14 ministered faithfully to their city. For 15 years, there was very little response to the Good News. Then, everything changed.

Three Prayer Requests from the Gorskis

Gorski, Poland, 3 prayer requests from the Gorskis

ITMI’s Andrew and Anna Gorski have been given a myriad of wonderfully creative and effective ways to reach them. Lately, it seems the more they reach, the more opportunities they have to reach even more!