Feature, Lusaka Bible College, ZambiaLusaka Bible College is located in Kanyama, an impoverished township that is home to about 300,000 people outside Lusaka, Zambia. The college offers evening classes so that the pastors can improve themselves and study to be equipped for their ministry after hours.

Because most of the pastors in Africa have no formal training at all, this in-service-training is ideally suited to Africa, offering an opportunity for pastors to learn.

Most of the students already have church responsibilities, so Lusaka Bible College is providing leadership training through evening lectures for those who are already doing the work of pastors and evangelists, as well as a lighted place where pastors of the area can study and prepare to shepherd their flocks.


Lusaka Bible College, Zambia

Pastor's being equipped to lead God's people through Lusaka Bible College.

Lusaka Bible College, Zambia

Pastors attending a Lusaka Bible College training. 

Lusaka Bible College, Zambia


This small room functions as the College's library.

Lusaka Bible College, Zambia, Timothy Keller

ITMI's Timothy Keller delivered the first batch of books for the College's library.


The Need

Lusaka Bible College

Kanyama's population of about 300 000, people were being served by about 160 churches when the college was founded. Only 2 of the pastors in Kanyama had any formal training at that time!

In general, books are hard to come by in this poor settlement.

Due to poverty and lack of availability, owning a Bible is a luxury.

Even for a pastor.

The Christian leaders of Kanyama are challenged with accurately interpreting and teaching the Bible to their congregations without proper training or study resources. Kanyama has a tremendous need for further leadership training.

They need supporters who are committed to helping them as they seek to obey Paul’s charge to Timothy, "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the Word of truth." (2 Timothy 2:15)



  • To train, equip and disciple Christian leaders to invest in the township of Kanyama.
  • To expand the college library with quality study materials and theologically sound books.
  • To allow as many of the area pastors to attend classes through scholarships and support.



Lusaka Bible College, Zambia

  • Quality books and study resources to enhance the college library with doctrinally sound materials.
  • Provision of funds to pay quality instructors.
  • Scholarships allowing students to study and become equipped through Lusaka Bible College.  ($88/year per student.) Few who live in this area could afford to pay this tuition. It amounts to 25% of the average income for the area.

Who’s Involved

  • ITMI to provide oversight and US presence for exposing this ministry to our supporters.
  • The leadership of Lusaka Bible College to oversee the college's daily mission.

Benson Banda, Principal

Benson Banda oversees this small organization, to include fundraising, handling administrative tasks, overseeing the library, and securing local facilities for the college to use for its lectures.

Bruce Kaumba

Trained in Christian community development and in World missions and church planting, Bruce's vision is to see leaders equipped and trained to reach their communities for Christ.  He is married to Christabel and has one son.  Together, they founded Mobilizing Africans for Missions, which is focused on training and development of church leaders in church planting and development.