The Need

Muhindo Kawede, UgandaIn a culture where jobs and education aren’t readily available, the vast majority live as impoverished “nobodies.” As a result, being known as a pastor is a desirable thing. Many pastors have power with no accountability; people believe and do what they say as if it was straight from God.

A pastor has a title; he’s somebody and he has a whole church of people who follow him - and pay him regularly - to prove it. He has a white collar career and is credited with having a skill set that doesn’t require the hurdles of the cost and availability of a formal education.

An African pastor feels pressure to maintain his power, his title, his mystique, and often uses prosperity preaching to do so. Many use their titles to garner power, manipulate and get wealthy.

They aren't meaning ill-will towards others, they simply aren't transformed by the gospel to live counter to their culture.

These well-intentioned but misguided pastors desperately need someone to teach them how to be a pastor. An experienced leader to disciple them. A seasoned pastor to mentor them.

Muhindo Kawede, ISM, Uganda

Muhindo Kawede is passionate about helping pastors by providing the training they need to lead God's people Biblically. 


Uganda, International School of Missions, Facility, Building, Muhindo Kawede

The International School of Missions (ISM) develops pastors, leaders and workers who are able to teach others and fulfill the Great Commission in Africa and around the world in a Biblical way.

Muhindo Kawede is the founder and principal of the International School of Missions in Kampala, Uganda. He's also the heart and soul that keeps it going.

His passion to help African pastors has kept him going above and beyond expectations to disciple and train as many pastors as possible with the meager resources God has given him.  

The International School of Missions (ISM) has students from many different countries, many of whom are pastoring churches with no Biblical training.

Because of ISM, they can receive the training necessary to deliver Biblically accurate teaching to their churches. 

International School of Missions, Uganda, Pastor Training, Muhindo Kawede


Former ISM student, now a pastor. 

Because few pastors can afford to pay for training, Kawede often makes deep personal sacrifices in order to allow students to be trained at ISM. He and his family agree to only eat two meals a day, freeing up resources to help ISM and its students. 

Muhindo Kawede, ISM, Uganda, Lillian Kawede


The Kawede Family

ISM, Uganda, Muhindo Kawede

Muhindo Kawede with an ISM student.


  • Train and equip as many local Christian leaders as possible.
  • Grow in influence in the community by bringing local churches together to accomplish common goals.
  • Change the African church by equipping godly, Biblical leaders.


  • Support for the Kawede family. 
  • Scholarship funds for quality students who cannot afford to pay tuition.
  • Support covering ISM’s expenses.
  • A large vehicle for ISM’s evangelism program.

Who’s Involved

  • ITMI to provide US exposure and guidance.
  • National Ugandan Christian leaders providing support and publicity.

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“There was such a lack of tension and a lack of angst there… We later found out that so many of them have gotten saved through Kawede’s ministry and have been, and are being discipled, that it’s just revolutionized the flavor inside this prison.”

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The village dashed madly for their huts. They had caught one glimpse of the initial brownish-grey clean-out water spilling from the head of the newly drilled well. Moments later, they returned with the various makeshift containers, ready to collect the contaminated water.

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On the shores of the world’s largest tropical lake, you might expect to find expensive vacation homes and resorts, booming real estate sales as buyers vie for lakefront property, and beaches thriving with tourists. But that isn’t at all what you would find on visiting one of the many remote peninsulas jutting from the North shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda.

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I am most thankful this year to the Lord for the trials of…

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In this article:

Why a church would even meet where pigs used to live.
3 keys to the growth of the “piggery” church.
The amazing growth rate of this unconventional church.
What led to one woman’s incredible change of heart.

What Life is Like at This One-of-a-Kind Place on Lake Victoria

Uganda, International School of Missions,

Tucked into the twists and turns of its more than 2000 miles of shoreline, is the slice of land owned by ITMI’s International School of Missions (ISM). Its existence is a result of the blood, sweat and tears of ITMI’s Muhindo Kawede combined with the generosity of ITMI supporters.

Why a Ugandan Bible School Director Roughs it in the Bush Between Terms

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