The Need

Bikes and Bibles Fund, Charl van Wyk

It's well-known among Christian workers in Africa that the church is "an inch deep and a mile wide."  

Without access to books and written materials, many believers don't even own their own Bible!


There are willing evangelists and pastors who would take the gospel to nearby villages who haven't heard it yet, but they need transportation. 


Empowering and Equipping Pastors

ITMI partner, Charl van Wyk makes frequent trips to Zambia and the DRC Congo, where he encourages the local believers - who many times don't have contact with the outside world due to the estrangement that comes with a war-torn infrastructure.

One especially effective delivery item has been bicycles for local pastors and evangelists, enabling them to bike to an unreached village nearby and share the gospel with them.

The Bikes and Bibles Fund goes to directly purchase bibles and bikes for ITMI partner, Charl van Wyk to deliver, empowering African evangelists and pastors to evangelize and disciple more people within their newly-expanded reach. 



Charl van Wyk

Bicycles are a cost-effective way to reach many with the gospel!


Charl van Wyk, Bicycles, Pastors, Africa

Charl van Wyk with African pastors and their new bikes!



  • Equip the African church for her mission with Bibles and bicycles.

Who’s Involved

  • ITMI to provide guidance and US exposure.
  • ITMI partner, Charl van Wyk.

Latest News

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charl van wyk, south africa

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ITMI’s Charl van Wyk shares a little about the discipleship projects he is involved with.

3 Ways We Are Building Something Great in Africa

Charl van Wyk, South Africa

ITMI partner, Charl van Wyk, has given his life to this cause. He teaches and preaches the Gospel all over Africa, evangelizing and discipling God’s people and those who haven’t yet joined the family of God.He’s published books. He’s done exegesis on his culture. He’s lectured. He’s preached. He’s gotten his hands dirty. His life has been threatened. Here are three incredible opportunities to partner with Charl to see the good news reach Africans with the life-changing message.

Delivering Bibles via an African Bus with a Shocking Past

Bibles for Africa, Bikes and Bibles, Charl van Wyk

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Bikes and Bibles

bibles and bicycles, Charl van Wyk

Many pastors and evangelists in the Democratic Republic of Congo are deeply appreciative of the Bibles and bikes they have received. As a believer you know the unmistakable truth and strength of God’s Word, and the importance of putting it into the hands of as many people as possible.