Steve Evers and Tim Keller had  been on the road for 8 physically, emotionally and spiritually draining weeks. For the past 10 days, they had been serving in Sudan, encouraging and challenging Sudanese believers…

A most heartwarming story of personal initiative comes from ITMI missionaries Richard and Brooke Nungesser based in Poznan – Poland’s second largest city. Their primary work is evangelizing by teaching English as a second language. But they didn’t stop there.

In the late afternoon, Dr. Nick took us to Prilipet (pronounced, “Pray-lee-pit”) near Bozovici, to see a building that used to be an orphanage operated by the Baptists. It was built in 1927. In 1950 the communists closed it down and marched the forty children to…

It was 6 p.m. on December 8 when rogue elements from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), acting without official orders, arrived unannounced at the Frontline mission base in Mundri and demanded…

Rev. Piotr (Peter) Zaremba (40) is senior pastor of the First Baptist Church in Poznan, Poland. It is the fastest growing congregation in the country. In addition, he deacons, a school for English language, and an International Church for English-speaking people. Other ministries include a charity fund, youth camps, and providing Christian literature for Christians and non-Christians.


bill bathmanBill Bathman and his wife, Harriett, founded In Touch Mission International in 1981, after several decades of missionary work in Europe and Eastern Europe.

One page could never do such a well-lived life justice. So many were touched through Bill's love and service for Jesus. He was a man of passion, faith and action. His impact will be felt around the world for generations to come.

He was an incredible man who lived an extraordinary life. He lived by faith to the very end, trusting God for their needs. He always provided.

This fund honors and celebrates the man whose repeated death to self meant life for many.



10 Devotional Studies 
from a Lifetime on the Mission Field

As you journey through this collection of devotions, you will gain a richer understanding of the Gospel of Matthew and as a result, we pray you will be equipped for obedience and experience deeper joy in Christ! ITMI founder and missionary statesman, Bill Bathman, developed these resources to help readers take “a fresh look at […]


Although Bill's dream involved being a missionary pilot in South America, God re-directed the Bathmans to Europe. Eventually, they began ministering to the persecuted believers behind the Iron Curtain.

Paul Negroot, Bill Bathman, Dr. Nick

Bill Bathman (right) with Romanian pastors, Dr. Nick Gheorgita (center) and Paul Negroot (left).


Later, the ministry expanded to believers living with persecution in Africa. 

As Bill sought to raise awareness for what believers were facing around the world, ITMI was born. 

Many people were touched through Bill's love and service for Jesus. He was a man of passion, faith and action. His impact will be felt around the world for generations to come.

Romania, Casa Dorca, Dr. Nick, Bill Bathman

Bill visits ITMI project, Casa Dorca Orphanage in Romania.

Bill lived by faith until the very end. He never had a large pension, or retirement savings. But God provided for all his needs, right up until his death. 

He is survived by his wife and ministry partner of 65 years, Harriett.

Bill Bathman, Harriett Bathman