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Feature, Casa Dorca, RomaniaCity officials found a boy and a girl eating from garbage cans. Further investigation revealed their mother and her boyfriend were passed out, drunk. A common story in impoverished countries.

In the wake of the Communist regime, Romania was left impoverished and in shambles. Though its been many years, the widespread poverty has yet to be addressed in many locations. One such place is rural and remote Prillipet, Romania. 

In a rural place where the elements are harsh, survival is hard for all.

But for orphans? Almost impossible.

If they do survive, what kind of life can they hope to have without education or familial support? 


Casa Dorca, Romania, Orphans

In this remote Romanian countryside, a group of small, meagerly resourced churches came together to rescue children from the streets and provide a home, their basic needs, and a family.

Casa Dorca Orphanage is operated by two local Romanian pastors. Unlike many homes or orphanages, these children are loved, cared for and part of a family. 

They are exposed to the Gospel of Christ and the support and love of His people during their most formative years.

Many of the children have taken the Christian upbringing and education they were given and have become productive, contributing, believing members of their communities.

That's something that wasn't likely to happen without intervention.

Casa Dorca, Romania, Orphanage

Casa Dorca is in a small, rural town called Prillipet.

Social_Rural Prillipet

Casa Dorca, Romania

Casa Dorca, Romania, Orphanage

Though scenic, Prillipet is a harsh, rural area, where survival is tough. 

Casa Dorca StreetThis is Casa Dorca's Street.

Casa Dorca, Romania, Orphanage

Two local pastors oversea the operation of the orphanage. They have done a great job of making the home feel like family. 

Casa Dorca, Romania, Orphans

Although many of their pasts held more heartbreak and struggle than any child should have to experience, the Casa Dorca children are happy. 

Casa Dorca, Romania, Orphanage

 They are part of a family.

Casa Dorca, Romania, Orphanage

Many even return to visit the family after moving out. 

Casa Dorca, Romania, Orphanage

Casa Dorca, Romania


The History

Casa Dorca was built in 1927 by Christians from Prilipet and the surrounding rural area.

In 1950, the Communists threw the children out of the orphanage and marched them down the street to the local authorities where they left them to fend for themselves against the cold and harsh Romanian elements. 

The children sang as they marched to the police station, “It’s so good to know we have a Father in heaven.

Later that year, the orphanage was turned into a bakery.

After the Communists abandoned Romania, the property was restored to the Christians, who, with the help of ITMI, refurbished and repaired the building as well as purchased the adjacent property for expansion. 

Casa Dorca, Romania 


  • To meet the needs of children without parents.
  • Provide love, family and exposure to the gospel.
  • Demonstrate the Gospel of Christ to the extended families of orphans.
  • To maintain current facility and meet the needs of as many children as funds allow.


  • Prayer and exposure to those who may desire to provide for and minister to Romanian children.
  • Monthly running expenses for food, clothing and education for the children who are there now.
  • Funds to rescue more orphans from the streets and care for them with the love of Christ.

Who’s Involved

  • ITMI to provide oversight and US exposure.
  • ITMI Romanian partner, Adi Ban is providing additional oversight and mentoring.
  • Funding to help the small group of Prilipet churches who support and look after Casa Dorca Orphanage.

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