To understand those words, written by ITMI’s Andrew Gorski, you need to understand the battle our partners in Poland have fought to earn the right to share the Good News. For years…

Last month, the church that ITMI’s Andrew and Anna Gorski helped plant in Poznan had a big opportunity to share the Gospel on local television!

Enjoy this 2-minute video of ITMI’s Andrew Gorski explaining the need for Evangelical Poland, and his vision for equipping churches to reach people with the Gospel and build God’s kingdom in Poland. ITMI supporters have given generously to make sure ITMI’s Andrew and Anna Gorski can minister in Poland. This support has meant Andrew is […]

I underestimated the range of emotions that would confront me on my recent trip to Poland, Romania, and Ukraine. …

“Four years ago I started a Ukrainian church in Warsaw. Now I know why God led me to do it.” With these words, Slavik Levandovskyi, a Ukrainian pastor, who came to Poland before the full-scale war…

According to one organization that published a video for Polish leaders getting ready to host Ukrainian refugees, the typical Ukrainian refugee is a mother with 1 or 2 kids, 30-40 years old. She may have her own mother with her, too. She will be feeling “so scared and so alone in this whole world.” …


Although 95% of  people in Poland would identify themselves as Roman Catholic, many have never heard that God wants a personal relationship with them. 

Evangelicals are often viewed as a cult. They are suspicious. They are shunned. They are even thought of as insane.

This is mostly due to lack of understanding. Accurate information isn't available in the mainstream because the Evangelical denominations are such a small portion of the population, and they are further divided among various denominational groups. The Evangelical church has not spoken up with one voice to clearly explain who they are and what their purpose is.

The Communist rule of Poland still leaves its mark on the people of the country, though the regime fell years ago. The Evangelical church still struggles to rise above the "everyone on their own" mentality and unite in Christ.

Because Evangelical churches are so few in number, resources like manpower, funds and discipleship resources are meager and difficult to get a hold of. But every Evangelical church does have some, and the kingdom could be furthered if the Evangelical denominations shared with one another in unity.



Provide Resources

Provide Resources

Evangelical Poland brings together equipping and discipleship materials that already exist with various denominations multiplying the resources available to believers.

Equip for Evangelism

Equip for Evangelism

Equips believers to reach friends and neighbors for Christ with access to discipleship resources.

Represent Christ Well

Represent Christ Well

Fear about the Evangelical church often interferes with evangelistic activities. Helping Evangelical churches send a clear message about who they are and what they believe will help dissolve the misunderstandings and fear, opening an unobstructed way for the Gospel.


Evangelical Poland


Most Polish counties don't have an Evangelical church where salvation by faith alone is clearly preached. The few that do exist operate independently.


Unify Evangelical churches in Poland provide for resource sharing between denominations.

Free up time and energy for other crucial efforts.


Evangelical churches' past lack of collaboration has limited their influence on the greater population. Most fear Evangelicals, hurting evangelistic efforts.


Unite Evangelical churches' under a shared vision.

Provide a website where Evangelical churches can share resources.


Many of the few that have received forgiveness from the guilt of their sin are not equipped to share it with others.


Equip Evangelical believers to share Christ.

Make more discipleship materials available to believers in Poland.


In Touch Mission International has partnered with Andrew Gorski to reach thousands through the ministries of Gospel Joy Evangelism and Discipleship.

Under Andrew's leadership, Gospel Joy developed a process for reaching the Polish people through Gospel Music and developed an effective discipleship process for those who were interested in Christ by Gospel Joy outreaches.

The Lord began leading Andrew to help unite Evangelical Churches to share resources and speak up to remove cultural misunderstandings about Evangelical denominations.

“Our donors are heroes!” ITMI’s Mark Burritt enthusiastically commented. It was a Thursday. …

Julia bit her lip as she caught sight of the front row where her mother should be sitting. This was her wedding day. She was truly happy, and she resolved not to let her parents’ decision not to attend shadow her joy. 

I have a dream that 365 churches would take one day per year to pray for spiritual awakening in Poland.

Andzia had never seen anything like what she was experiencing. She stood in the balcony of the large concert hall, tears spilling down her cheeks. 

Julia’s family watched her sink further and further into mental anguish. Would anyone be able to get through to her in time?

ITMI’s Andrew Gorski of Poland shares about the new opportunity your support of his family and Gospel Joy Workshops and Evangelism has created!