The Need


mark burrittWithout the proper handling of funds, ITMI couldn't exist to serve and empower our partners. Its absolutely crucial for ITMI to maintain a finance officer to keep ITMI running.

It's also vital to have a financial officer that is highly skilled and knowledgeable. This ensures our partners receive their money and that ITMI remains in good legal standing.


Mark joined the ITMI team in 2011. His passion to reach the lost for Christ and minister to the needy is combined with strong administrative skills that help keep our Tempe office functioning efficiently with a minimal staff.

He willingly sacrifices financially to be able to serve ITMI parters as ITMI's financial officer.

Mark loves to help ITMI's partners in the field, too.

Web-pumping water

Mark was part of a team that helped bring clean water to a village in Lukulu, Zambia. 

He is eager to find additional ways they and their ministries can be helped through seeing them and their ministries in person. He enjoys serving our partners through other methods, too; physical labor, encouragement and training.

Mark has served on mission teams to benefit ITMI's partners in both Europe and Africa.

Web-Mark, Darek Banicki, Piotr Zaremba, Janusz Fredyk2

Mark with ITMI Polish partners. (Left to Right: Darek Banicki, Mark Burritt, Piotr Zaremba, Janusz Fredyk)

Web-Mark, Gerhard, Goatherders

Mark with ITMI partner Gerhard le Roux, in South Africa and 2 goat herders near Gerhard's farm who came to Christ while the ITMI team was there.

Web-mark, chad, daniel

Mark Burritt, Chad Kritenbrink and ITMI partner, Daniel Machlowski in Poland.

In 2014, when Mark's wife, Vanessa, began having health troubles that eventually led to a diagnosis of Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer, Mark's ability to travel was limited.

After major surgery, two rounds of chemotherapy with radiation and continued naturopathic treatments, by late 2015 she went into remission and is on the road to full recovery!

This is all thanks to the prayers and support of God's people standing with the Burritts, and of course God Himself, the Great Healer.


Mark is experienced in ministry from multiple perspectives. 

In addition to his forty years experience in Business Management and Accounting, Mark has been involved in church leadership, serving as a Worship Pastor, Board Chairman, Bible Teacher and Missions Director. 


  1. Apply experience and knowledge to account for ITMI funds. 
  2. Serve and empower ITMI partners with His gifts, abilities and experiences. 


  1. Faithful prayer partners to lift up the Burritt family's spiritual and physical needs.
  2. Support related to medical expenses generated by Vanessa's cancer treatments.

Latest News

dear team, steve evers

Dear Team: to be Honest, I’m Hurting

It has been a challenging couple of months.  Not so much for what has happened to me personally, but what has been placed in the lap of those that I love and care for.  

Bible, God's Word

The Remarkable Feats of God’s Word

The village dashed madly for their huts. They had caught one glimpse of the initial brownish-grey clean-out water spilling from the head of the newly drilled well. Moments later, they returned with the various makeshift containers, ready to collect the contaminated water.

Christmas 2015, ITMI Monthly, December 2015

He Comes to Make His Blessings Flow

I would ask my mother, “Why are you drinking?” Her answer, “I drink so that I can forget what I have gone through all the years was a slave.”

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How I Meet the Challenges of Missionary Travel

After six of the last eight plus weeks being either in southern Africa or in Eastern Europe, my body’s internal clock has pretty much gone haywire. For the whole week that I have been home my body has insisted on transitioning from deep sleep to wide awake at anywhere from 2:15 am to 3:35 am. Driving to the ITMI office at our normal starting time mentally feels like I’m arriving in the mid-afternoon, due to my work day starting 5-6 hours before.

South Africa, Onseepkans, Goat-herders


Trying everything he can think of to build relationships with the locals of Onseepkans, South Africa where his family and mission are located, ITMI’s Gerhard le Roux takes food and supplies to a goat herders’ outpost about 2 miles away from the remote Onseepkans Mission. Two goat herders, Johanes and Jokobus..