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salt translation

Victorious Christian Living has so wonderfully compiled and provided the Seven Areas of Life Training for ITMI and anyone that wants to understand why the flesh and the world fails and God’s way always succeeds.

We've seen the transforming effect of God’s truth as laid out in the SALT material all over the world.

Now ITMI has a contact that wants to use this material to reach the Arabic-speaking world.


Lazarus, South Sudan

Lazarus Yezinai

While in Juba, the once Islamic controlled capital of South Sudan,to meet with our partners, Jahim Buli and Vicky Waraka, ITMI Director Steve Evers re-connected with Lazarus Yezinai. Lazarus is a godly young South Sudanese that sees the hurt and pain of his anger-and-revenge-built culture and how it keeps people from knowing and loving God.

 “Steve, I want permission to translate the SALT material into…. Arabic,” Lazarus asked during their meeting.  

“Juba Arabic or Classical Arabic?”

Lazarus responded, “Oh yes, Classical Arabic,” he continued, “and when it is translated, we have people in Khartoum and Egypt.” 

South Sudan, Vicky Waraka, Steve Evers, Tim Keller, Jahim Buli, Justin

Lazarus (second from left) with Timothy Keller (left), Vicky Waraka, Steve Evers, Justin and Jahim Buli in South Sudan. 

Ever since Lazarus has standardized on using SALT for his key hope-giving, life-changing good news discipleship material, God’s truth as shared in the SALT material has been giving hope and reconciliation to hopeless and severely broken South Sudanese.

Lazarus even wants to start a SALT school where South Sudanese can study of God’s truth in depth and learn why the centuries-old African cultural norms haven't lead to real peace and joy.

The SALT discipleship material from Victorious Christian Living is for anyone that wants to understand why our fleshly ways and the ways of the world fail. It is so impactful around the world because it insightfully applies Biblical truth to the human condition. 

Jahim, Vicky, Lazarus, Paul in India, and many others have seen the transforming effect of God’s truth as laid out in the SALT material.



Steve Evers first began using the SALT material on his trips to Africa. He was impressed with the way it helped him strike up conversations that led to the sharing of the Gospel. He was excited by the way that it kept people interested in the Gospel by first making them see that they needed  it.

Fast forward quite a few years, and ITMI has used it to help many of our partners train pastors from all over the countries where they work.


An ITMI team including Steve and Paul trained around 700 Indian pastors using the SALT material in late 2011. The response was overwhelming. Pastors were calling daily, requesting more information, more material and more training.

pastor training, India

Paul, India, pastor training

South Sudan

A few months later, Steve and then ITMI Board Member, Bob Fulkerson used the SALT material to train Christian leaders in Mundri, South Sudan. The training was so impactful that it inspired several of those in attendance, including ITMI partner, Vicky Waraka, to plant a church. They planted a church that embraced the Biblical principles of servant leadership, something that is remarkably rare in Africa!

South Sudan, Church Plant, Vicky Waraka

What the church plant grew to by the following year when Steve visited South Sudan. 


That same visit, Steve and Timothy Keller trained Jahim Buli, who is now an ITMI partner, to deliver SALT trainings for leaders in his country. Jahim has done many trainings on military bases and cities around South Sudan. He's gotten incredible feedback from those in attendance.

Jahim Buli, South Sudan, Pastor Training

Jahim Buli training pastors with SALT material in South Sudan. 

Jahim Buli, South Sudan, Pastor Training

South Sudanese pastors are trained using the SALT material. 

One pastor said,

“Through this lesson I now know that I have been controlling and seeking praise from my church members. I have been [trying to put myself] in the place of God. Now I am asking God to forgive me from all that I have done and let Him lead me and the people He has entrusted to me.”

And there were many similar comments and statements made. 

If you'd like to know more about the SALT material, Victorious Christian Living has made a video of the first SALT lesson available on their website. 


  1. Translate all 388 pages of the Seven Areas of Life Training into Classical Arabic.
  2. Empower ITMI partners and contacts to reach the Arabic-speaking world with Biblical truth by putting this training in their hands in written form.



  1. Prayer and financial support for translation costs.
  2. Prayer and financial support for printing costs.


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