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Did you know that there are over 200 million Christians in Africa who don’t have their own Bible?  Many of these people can actually read English, but still are unable to access or afford their own Bible.  In fact, many pastors in Africa don’t even have an entire Bible! How can believers train and disciple their children with a Biblical worldview when they don't have access to a Bible?

African Teachers Need Training

African teachers need to be equipped to do their jobs with information that is Christ-centered and relevant to African culture. The average level of teacher training in Africa is deplorable. Often, a teacher will be a recent graduate from the school they are assigned to with less than one year of training.  

Both of these crucial aspects of change require a reliable field vehicle, outfitted to endure the most rigorous African "roads" with heavy loads of Bibles, discipleship materials, and people to provide training for those in the hardest-to-reach-places. 

Tim Keller, Zambia, Lukulu, Water Wells, Clean Water

The Keller's Field Vehicle was instrumental in bringing clothing, people and blessing to the remote Lukulu West. 


The African bush is extremely hard on vehicles. This means to get the most use out of one, a field vehicle has to be properly outfitted to endure the washboards and craters of the tracks to remote places.

Each trip typically incurs vehicle related expenses, and then the vehicles have to be replaced every so often as they become less than field worthy.

The Keller's Vehicle Fund is set up to help the Kellers maintain a field-worthy vehicle that allows them to continue their vital ministry of delivering Bibles, materials and trainings to the places that need them the most.


  • To ensure that the Kellers can access the remotest parts of Africa to bring the good news to those who need it the most.

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  • ITMI 

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Tim Keller, Zambia

During the dry season, ITMI’s Timothy Keller travels to remote villages encouraging, preaching and delivering bibles and discipleship materials. As they enter rainy season, Timothy has a new ministry opportunity and a new temporary role serving God’s people in Kabwe.

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One of our bigger outreaches recently was a trip across the country to the Eastern Province. I am limited in my ability to travel “off road” at the moment because our field vehicle is no longer off-road-worthy. However, this was a great opportunity that I could reach by (mostly, sort of) paved road. But I had many concerns.

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What’s the Most Dangerous Thing the Kellers Face Ministering in Africa?

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Find out in this 2-minute video from the Kellers.

Beautiful Feet

Zambia, Lukulu, Water Wells, Clean Water

“Good news!” was all the young boy could manage between breaths. The women, most balancing heavy jugs of water on their heads while carrying one in each hand, kept walking toward their village just a few steps ahead. They moved only their eyes toward the boy, who again heralded breathlessly, “Good news!”