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excellence christian academy zambiaAfrica's staggering social challenges such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic, genocide, poverty, hunger and corruption can be overwhelming. Where do we start? How do we offer help?

While we want to relieve the suffering hunger and disease cause, we also want to find roots of these problems and address them, too.

ITMI's Timothy Keller said,

"Cultural transformation has always been through the up-and-coming generation."

Educating children in a place where an education is a privilege, turns those children into adults who are leaders. They become the ones with the income and knowledge to hold influential positions.

Raising and educating children with a Christian worldview provides a chance for those positions to be filled by people raised with a Christian worldview.

ECA, Zambia, Education

Raising and educating children with a Biblical worldview is the beginning of change. 


Excellence Christian Academy offers a Christian education to children in Zambia. Many of ECA's students are from underprivileged families, who can't afford to send their children to school.

That means that many of ECA's students would not be getting any education without ECA.

Instead of learning the about world from the streets, they are learning it from godly teachers.

Instead of learning the world from a humanistic or Animistic perspective, they are learning about God's world from His Word.

Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia, Christian Education

The staff at Excellence Christian Academy.

In addition to Biblical curriculum taught by believing teachers, ECA students learn to share the gospel and serve in their communities.  Service projects and rural outreaches are included in the experiences ECA students learn from on a regular basis.

Eugene Kalunga,Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia, Christian Education

Eugene Kalunga, ECA principal, presents a widow with gifts as part of a school outreach in a rural area. 

Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia, Christian Education

Children from a rural area receive gifts bags from ECA students and staff. 

Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia, Christian Education

Happy gift recipients at ECA rural outreach. 

Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia, Christian Education

 ECA students line up to leave for a field trip. 


Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia, Christian Education

Starting in Preschool, ECA students are learning from the Bible at an early age. 

Steve Evers, Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia

ITMI Director, Steve Evers encourages ECA students.


Eugene Kalunga, ECA, Zambia

Pastor Eugene Kalunga

Pastor Eugene Kalunga, a teacher and lecturer at Mongu Teachers’ College, had a burden to serve the Lord by spreading the Gospel of Christ Jesus through education.

He and his fellow Christian teachers began taking students for picnics during school holidays and teaching them the Bible. Many of these gave their lives to the Lord and later became pastors, elders and deacons in churches all over Zambia.

After his training at Highway Christian Academy (Accelerated Christian Education) and Durban Christian Centre, where he received a degree in Theology, he returned to Zambia.

His first child was involved in the public education, but Eugene wanted his children to be taught from a gospel perspective and know how to share it with others. He removed his child from public schools and started educating him to share the gospel.

Because of Eugene’s love for teaching and for using education to share the gospel, he began teaching other children in the area as well.

ECA, Zambia

When ITMI discovered that this dear brother was home-schooling 50 students in his tiny house, we began raising support for Eugene’s not-so-little school.

ITMI was able to help them purchase some property that was previously owned by the Zambian Railway to use as the grounds for Excellence Christian Academy. Reverend Kalunga and his dedicated teacher-team have turned it into a first-class educational institution.


  • To educate and share God's love with children and their families.
  • To raise funds to maintain current facility and grow as more children come.
  • To provide a Biblical world view with encouragement to spread the truth.
  • To reverse the humanistic philosophy in Zambian education.


  • Prayer exposure to those who understand the need for teaching truth to children.
  • Monthly operating expenses for students, teachers, and facilities.
  • Funds to build additional buildings for future growth.
  • Personal support for Eugene and Audrey Kalunga.

Who’s Involved

  • ITMI provides oversight and US exposure.
  • Faithful supporters provide needed materials and funds.
  • Charl van Wyk, South African missionary provides local oversight and mentoring.

Latest News

“The Experience Has Been Life-Changing,” says Zambian Believer.

zambia, ECA

“The experience has been life-changing…” says Given Singogo, “My prayer life has a new lease on life due to…” 

Seven-Year-Old Has to Stop Attending School to Help His Family Eat

ECA, Project Joseph, Zambia, Audrey Kalunga

Seven-year-old Paul had to stop attending school to help his family eat. Paul normally attends classes at the Caleb Center for Children with Autism, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, he had to help his sister sell goods at the market to help his family eat.

Project Joseph in Action

slider, zambia, eca, project joseph

As bags of food were handed to them, they couldn’t hide the gratitude in their eyes. And though they were masked, the masks couldn’t hide the smiles of relief that came from knowing they’d be alright for the weeks ahead. Or the joy triggered by being remembered and cared for.

Encouraging Words and Verses from ITMI Partners

Encouraging Words and Verses from our Partners

Our partners have been reaching out and sharing some truly encouraging verses and thoughts with regard to the Coronavirus pandemic. Their unique perspectives and experiences plus a variety of cultural backgrounds means they’ve shared encouragement we may not have thought to remind ourselves of.

On the Spot in Zambia featuring Kent Reisenauer (Podcast Episode)

Kent Reisenauer, Zambia, South Africa, podcast

In this episode, Kent Reisenauer is telling us all about his last trip to South Africa and Zambia.

He’s talking about visiting Johan and Lesley not long after their home burned down, delivering pillowcase dresses and knitted hats from some US churches to remote villages across the Zambezi River, the progress and impact of Eugene Kalunga’s village school, what happened when Eugene put him on the spot to share something with the students at Excellence Christian Academy, and the baptisms of new Zulu believers he got to witness in South Africa.

Eugene’s Dream is Closer to Reality! (and 3 reasons that’s a big deal.)

eugene kalunga, zambia, excellence Christian academy, eca

The kids who live in Lumbemba, a remote village in Zambia, are getting very excited. Soon, they’ll be able to go to school right inside their own village! But, most likely, they don’t even know some of the most exciting things about this future village school.

One Year Later, What Difference Does Clean Water and the Gospel Make?

Zambia, Clean Safe Water

ITMI’s Kent Reisenauer arrived at the Lusaka airport, weary after over 24 hours of travel. With some trepidation, he…

“The Teachers at ECA are So Encouraging…”

Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia

In 2015, the CIA estimated that 54.4% of Zambians live below the poverty line. 
Children living in poverty are more likely to experience illness due to unsafe water and poor sanitation and malnutrition. They are also more likely to be unable to attend school and finish their education. 

Dear Team: Beneath the Runaround, God is in Control.

Dear Team, Steve Evers

The call took almost an hour. Fifty-six minutes to be exact. Taru had headed to the bank for the fairly normal task of withdrawing the funds graciously given to help them live and care for women and children of the local Muslim slum. But she was met with something unexpected when she arrived.

Photos: Visiting our Zambian Partners

Zambia, Steve Evers

We wanted to share a few snapshots of our time in Zambia. Thanks for praying us there and back! -Steve and Kent

Too Giddy to Discipline

ECA, Zambia, Steve Evers

“I am too happy and I cannot discipline you!” she told the students. What made normally very restrained and professional teachers too giddy to discipline their students? Find out more…

Just in Time

Just in Time, ITMI Monthly

After three long days of labor, Laizah was experiencing complications and still had not given birth. The doctor ordered a C-section procedure. “If you don’t have money, they usually use student doctors or nurses to do the operation,” her husband, Cozmore, explains.

A Thrilling New Project Takes Shape Before Your Eyes!

ECA, Zambia

Seeing new things being constructed is thrilling. The formation of something new holds a myriad of possibilities to ignite our imaginations. But the construction of this building is scintillating because of the hope it represents. 

Dear Team: Interrupting the Cycle of Poverty

Dear Team, Steve Evers, ECA

It’s a new year! We all enjoy the beauty of a fresh start. Who doesn’t look forward to the new freshness of a warm spring day? But before we close the book on 2017, allow me to share with you a special bit of news…

Your Impact in Zambia: 20 Years of Christian Education

ECA, Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia

Last month, ITMI’s Excellence Christian Academy celebrated its 20th Birthday. That’s 20 years of shaping and molding young lives to understand the world from a Biblical perspective. That’s 20 years of reaching families and parents that haven’t necessarily heard the Good News. That’s 20 years of influence in the community of Kabwe, where ECA is located. That’s 20 years of impact on the country of Zambia. How are we doing this through a small Christian School in one city?

If You Could Visit Zambia

Zambia, Excellence Christian Academy

Steve always says that although he is the one that physically gets to go to all the remote places where ITMI partners are serving faithfully, all ITMI supporters are “with” him, because of the profound impact you are making in all of those places. So, here are some of the things you would have seen if you had been physically there in Kabwe, Zambia.

Three More Stories of Your Impact in Ivory Coast, South Africa and Zambia

Slider, Africa, Christmas

Many ITMI partners had outreaches to their community planned for Christmas. Many of you partnered with them to make these outreaches happen. We’re so thankful for all God’s done through our partners and supporters. But there’s more!

12 Saved Through School Children’s Rural Outreach in Zambia

ECA, Excellence Christian Academy, Outreach, Evangelism, Zambia

Eugene’s passion for teaching children led to other children in the area joining their studies, until 50 children were being homeschooled out of Eugene’s tiny home!

Transforming Minds

Timothy Keller, Education, Zambia

A low groan came from the cot in the corner of the room. Her three-year-old son tossed restlessly, entangling himself in the thin covering she’d placed over him. There was no relief from the Zambian heat, and the fever just kept rising. Lily felt so powerless, watching him suffer. She knew the people of her church were praying for her son, but thought, “I need to do something more.”

Gathering him into her arms, she set out, stepping carefully over the rutted ground. She was going to see the witch doctor…

Fifteen Years of Christian Education

ECA, Zambia

Since 13th February, 1997 to date, the school has trained 760 students and 251 students were exempted from paying school fees because most of them were orphans and a few were from families which were underprivileged.