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CHARL VAN WYK, SOUTH AFRICAIt's well-known among Christian workers in Africa that the church is "an inch deep and a mile wide."

Without access to books and written materials, many believers don't even own their own Bible!

And their pastor might not, either.

In fact, though incredibly sincere, he may have only been saved recently himself!

Without discipleship or examples of how a life is lived in light of God's Word and truth, it isn't unheard of for someone to become saved and simply continue old religious customs and ways of life while changing the name of the deity to "Jesus."


Charl van Wyk is a Christian missionary, author and activist in Africa.

His belief in his Christian duty to protect the innocent, vulnerable and oppressed led him to single-handedly return fire in the midst of a terrorist attack, saving many lives!

The story of how God led Charl to forgive and pursue reconciliation with his attackers is captured in his best-selling book, Shooting Back – The Right and Duty of Self-defense.

Now he is engaged in a new war - a battle to establish kingdom-focused covenant communities in Southern Africa.

His pro-active stance on educating the Church and renewing minds with a Biblical worldview drives him to see communities changed through the Gospel, discipleship and community development.

Charl and his team are:

Charl is praying and working toward reformation - building a generation of young, Christ centered, Gospel driven servant leaders to take action in a broken world.

Stone Hill

Stone Hill is a squatter camp outside of Cape Town, South Africa. The youth of Stone Hill are incredibly hardened by the depravity of their culture.

Alcohol, drugs, theft, stabbings and rape are common occurrences in their everyday lives.

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk, Poverty

Stone Hill settlement, outside Cape Town, South Africa.

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk, Sports, Poverty

Run down shacks like this one are the only thing that stands between most Stone Hill families and the damp, cold South African winter. 

Most girls are encouraged by their mother to have sex before marriage and give birth, thus proving their fertility.

Homes are filled with illegitimate children who have no idea who their father is. If there is a man in the home, he is probably their mother’s boyfriend.

One young man was set on fire in a revenge attack and another was stabbed to death over a cigarette. 

The van Wyk family is part of a group of believers who spearhead discipleship opportunities for the youth of Stone Hill using activities like wrestling, soccer, handball and crafts as catalysts to build relationships with the youth.

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk, youth

Stone Hill girls with their crafts.

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk, Sports

The Stone Hill wrestling team surprised everyone by winning the championship!Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk

Stone Hill youth connect with believers through these activities.

Through these activities, the youth are learning that they have value. They are discovering how a trustworthy, godly adult lives. They experience the novelty of safe relationships. They encounter Jesus through His people.

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk

New shacks built by believers are a big upgrade for many Stone Hill families.


Enjoy this 3 minute video of Charl telling the story of Stone Hill.

The results of the ministry in Stone Hill are staggering. Stone Hill has transformed into a community that is known as a "Christian" community!

Stone Hill, South Africa, Charl van Wyk, Mark Parris

ITMI's Charl van Wyk and Mark Parris study the Bible with youth from Stone Hill!

Empowering and Equipping Pastors

Charl makes frequent trips to Zambia and the DRC Congo, where he encourages the local believers - who many times don't have contact with the outside world due to the estrangement that comes with a war-torn infrastructure.

These trips are also for discipling local pastors and church leaders, as well as preaching, teaching and delivering Bibles and discipleship materials.

One especially effective delivery item has been bicycles for local pastors and evangelists, enabling them to bike to an unreached village nearby and share the gospel with them. This is made possible through Charl's Bibles and Bikes Fund.


Charl van Wyk

Bicycles are a cost-effective way to reach many with the gospel!

Charl van Wyk, Bicycles, Pastors, Africa

Charl van Wyk with African pastors and their new bikes!

Reaching and Discipling Youth in Zimbabwe

Charl has partnered with a dedicated believer in Zimbabwe, Cozmore, to reach youth in Zimbabwe. Together, they offered a Gospel camp to some youth in a Zimbabwe village. 

Charl and Cozmore have continued relationships with the boys . 

They helped a few launch a chicken farming business, helped one young man with a formidable health obstacle and have also began discipling the parents of the youth. 

Charl van Wyk, Zimbabwe

Charl with youth from the village and Zimbabwe at the Gospel camp.



In 1993, Charl was worshipping with his church on a Sunday when terrorists entered the building and opened gunfire on the congregation. This incident later became known as the St. James Massacre.

Charl used his firearm to return fire, valiantly protecting those around him. Surprised by someone "Shooting Back" the attack was diffused quickly and many lives were saved.

Charl received a citation from General Acker of the South African Police for his courage under fire.

Charl's courage and subsequent graciousness toward his attackers has yielded him several opportunities to witness to his attackers - he even got to share God's good news about forgiveness at one of their conventions!

Several of the leaders of this terrorist group received Christ as a result of their relationship with Charl. 

Charl van Wyk, forgiveness, shooting back

Charl explains and demonstrates God's forgiveness at a conference full of terrorists who attacked his church.

Charl van Wyk, forgiveness, shooting back

Charl shares Jesus with the terrorists who once attacked his church.

Charl van Wyk, forgiveness, shooting back

Charl offering forgiveness and a Bible to one of the men who attacked his church.


  • Help the church in the Dominican Republic of Congo to be prepared to take up the challenge of a new political dispensation.
  • Help Zambian believers work to see their country remain constitutionally a Christian nation, despite much attack.
  • Lead South African Christians in influencing South African government policy until it reflects Biblical values.


  • Funds to purchase bicycles for the church pastors in Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Funds to expand the outreaches in Stone Hill, South Africa.
  • Personal support for Charl and his family.

Who’s Involved

  • ITMI to provide guidance and US exposure.
  • WorldNetDaily, publisher of Charl’s book, Shooting Back.

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