south sudan relief fundWith decades of tribal violence and political unrest, there are many suffering in South Sudan.

When our partners come across a need, they don't always have the funds to maximize on opportunities, but we can help them build God's kingdom with real help accompanied by the Good News.

Steve Evers, Kent Reisenauer, Lazarus Yezinai, South Sudan

ITMI South Sudanese partner, Lazarus Yezinai demonstrates and declares the Gospel to a destitute elderly widow through willingness to visit, listen and when possible, supply food or other basic needs.

Lazarus Yezinai, South Sudan, Bor, refugees

One of the deepest needs of the suffering in South Sudan is the hope that Biblical truth brings. Our partners are called on constantly to teach from the Bible. If people attend such an event, it is helpful to provide food for those in attendance because if they are attending, they will miss their opportunity to find a way to get a meal that day.

vicky waraka, hope group, south sudan

South Sudanese partner, Vicky Waraka, helps the hurting with Gospel counseling, and often, additional training in Biblical finance and business. We help her provide a small loan which they can use as seed money to buy supplies and start a micro-business, providing stability for their families.


Latest News

Thanks to YOU, Asha is Earning a Steady Income!

In this 2.5 minute video, ITMI’s Vicky Waraka introduces us to Asha, a widow with six children in her care and one of the women ITMI supporters helped with seed money so she could start earning a steady income!

Merry Christmas from Your Partners, December 2019

Merry Christmas from Your Partners

During this season of giving, we asked ITMI partners to share their heartfelt answers to several questions. May their answers bless and encourage you!

south sudan, lazarus

3 Haunting Stories You Can Help Change

FEAR ROSE INSIDE HIS CHEST as Bilal ducked under the door of his home – a mud hut where his family was squatting. At night, he still woke in a fearful sweat, remembering what happened the last time he and his brother had come home empty-handed.

Our Visit to South Sudan, Podcast Episode

Our Visit to South Sudan, featuring Steve Evers and Kent Reisenauer (Podcast Episode)

ITMI’s Steve Evers and Kent Reisenauer tell us all about their time in South Sudan, including: How they managed to get in and stay out of trouble, our partners’ “secret” of how they manage to stay spiritually healthy in the midst of trauma, how Steve met Vicky after being stranded in South Sudan years ago, a jaw-dropping story from Lazarus’ past, and three ways anyone can partner with Vicky and Lazarus to make a big difference for suffering victims of tribal violence.

Supporters Send Our Team with Special Deliveries

These are just a few of the items provided by supporters for our guys to take with them to bless our partners and their ministries. …

uganda, south sudan, steve evers, kent reisenauer

More of YOUR IMPACT from Our Trip!

“There was such a lack of tension and a lack of angst there… We later found out that so many of them have gotten saved through Kawede’s ministry and have been, and are being discipled, that it’s just revolutionized the flavor inside this prison.”

South Sudan, Lazarus Yezinai, Vicky Waraka

How South Sudan Supporters are Helping Traumatized Families

Dorca is a widow in Juba, South Sudan. She and her handful of children live like most of the just under half a million residents of the capital city. There were no others stepping up to feed Dorca’s children. The pressure and responsibility had been unceremoniously dumped on her shoulders. It was up to her – and the Lord. It wasn’t like she could just go get a job.How would she keep these children entrusted to her alive?

Jahim Buli, South Sudan

Onlookers Receive Christ While 32 New Believers are Baptized in South Sudan!

January was an exciting month at Word of Life Church in Juba, South Sudan!

Bible, God's Word

The Remarkable Feats of God’s Word

The village dashed madly for their huts. They had caught one glimpse of the initial brownish-grey clean-out water spilling from the head of the newly drilled well. Moments later, they returned with the various makeshift containers, ready to collect the contaminated water.

Jahim Buli, South Sudan

“If God Loves Me, Why Did He Take My Parents?”

“Uncle, if God loves me, why did He take away my father, my mother and brother from me?”The twelve-year-old boy wasn’t even fighting the tears that spilled from his upturned, searching eyes.

December Newsletter, ITMI Monthly

Eleven Partners Share Their Hearts

During this season of giving, we asked ITMI partners to share their heartfelt answers to several questions. May their answers bless and encourage you!

3 new places we're sharing the good news

3 New Places We’re Sharing the Good News

“When Jahim returned to his lodging within the camp, he was shocked at what he found! “I was so shocked when I saw…”

Steve Evers, Vicky Waraka, South Sudan

South Sudanese Widow’s Life Changed by Biblical Training

Nursa stood, facing the congregation of her fellow believers who had gathered for an evening service in Juba, South Sudan. “God is Good,” she reminded them, and she illuminated how He’d been good to her personally. Nursa, a widow, attended the SALT Financial training ITMI’s Steve Evers and Kent Reisenauer gave earlier this year…

south sudan, vicky waraka

7 Inspiring South Sudanese Women

Meet 7 women who are not just thriving in tough circumstances, but encouraging and teaching others. ITMI’s Vicky Waraka equipped and empowered to open micro-businesses using Biblical principles of managing money.

south sudan

Doing What Few Would Do in Search of Hope

When ITMI’s Lazarus Yezinai saw a half-naked 13-year-old boy wearing only a shirt, he didn’t think twice. The fact that the sight of this boy wasn’t a social spectacle or moment of shock and awe illustrates the extreme poverty and oppression the people of  South Sudan are facing. Lazarus quickly…

South Sudan, Vicky Waraka, Lazarus Yezinai

Hungry and Impoverished Returning Refugees Want One Thing: “Teach us more from God’s Word!”

What would you do if you found yourself living in a war-zone? If you regularly saw your neighbors’ homes pierced with bullet holes? If you didn’t feel safe in your home but felt even more at-risk outside of it. If the threat of tribal violence threatened your children?

8 Improvements to Vicky’s Property that Reveal What Life is Like in South Sudan

Vicky’s home isn’t like anything we’re used to seeing. Physically, its uniquely South Sudanese. These 8 improvements will illuminate life in South Sudan. But it isn’t just the physical differences between living in South Sudan and other parts of the world that make this home a special place.

Dear Team: How to Turn Burdens to Blessings

I had to stop short when I read it. “If God can turn night into day, He can turn your burden into a blessing.”

Jahim Buli, Word of Life, South Sudan

A Desperate Father Leaves Toddlers at Church Gate

What leads up to such desperation that compels someone to walk away from two young sons? Maybe he stood in the middle of the road staring at the gate to Word of Life Church in Juba, South Sudan for a few quiet moments. Perhaps…

Just in Time, ITMI Monthly

Just in Time

After three long days of labor, Laizah was experiencing complications and still had not given birth. The doctor ordered a C-section procedure. “If you don’t have money, they usually use student doctors or nurses to do the operation,” her husband, Cozmore, explains.