The Need

Andrew and Anna Gorski, PolandAlthough 95% of  people in Poland would identify themselves as Roman Catholic, many have never heard that God wants a personal relationship with them. 

Evangelicals are often viewed as a cult. They are suspicious. They are shunned. They are insane.

This means evangelism in Poland requires unique creativity, persistence and boldness.

Gospel Joy Workshops and Evangelism is one solution to this challenge. It creatively uses people's interest in Gospel Music in Poland to explain the reason for the existence of the songs: the author's relationship with Jesus.

This dynamic ministry needs a visionary leader who is charismatic and passionate.

Andrew's unique combination of charisma, passion and organization make him a great fit to keep this amazing ministry vital and expanding.

Under Andrew's leadership since 2003, Gospel Joy now reaches about 50,000 people a year with the Good News that God cares about them personally and has pursued a relationship with them through Jesus Christ.


Andrew and Anna Gorski live in Poznan, Poland with their three young children, Piotr, Jagoda and Maria. They provide leadership and vision for the unique and dynamic Gospel Joy Workshops and Evangelism ministry in Poland.

Gospel Joy Workshops and Evangelism reaches the mainstream Polish community with the opportunity to learn to sing the very popular Gospel Music. At the workshop, the composer's relationship with Jesus behind this joyful praise music is explained.

It's a high energy weekend of singing, connecting and fun.

People hugging each other
The workshops are a high energy weekend of singing, connecting and fun!

Gospel Joy Workshops

The weekend ends with a concert by the participants, where those they invite - their families and friends - also hear that this music is all about the composer's relationship with Jesus.

Participants are given the opportunity after the workshop to sign up to attend Word Zone meetings. This is a weekly meeting where they can find out more about a relationship with Jesus. As people are saved and grow in their faith, Word Zones are turning into church plants.

From inside the Word Zones, many go join mini-groups and life-on-life groups where they are discipled and grow in close, vulnerable community, and eventually become equipped to lead and disciple others.

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Andrew and the Gospel Joy team have seen to it that the new believers that are found at the workshops have a community to grow and serve with.

Andrew and Anna lead this ministry to do it all  - from introducing people to Christ and demonstrating His love in a fun and seamless way, to planting churches and developing leaders.

The Gorskis' tireless, faithful and energetic service is effectively allowing many of their countrymen to reach thousands with the Gospel!

gorski family, poland

The History


Andrew came to know Jesus personally when he lived in the US (Boston, MA) in 1998. He finished law school but never was able to work as a lawyer, spending his first career years as sales manager in a multinational company in Poland.

In 2003, God has called him to lead Gospel Joy Workshops and Evangelism to reach kids, youth and adults in Poland with the message of salvation by grace.

Under his leadership, Gospel Joy Evangelism and Workshops has grown. The ministry now annually reaches around 50,000 people with the news that they can have a personal relationship with God.

This happens at events like Bible studies, camps, gospel music workshops (in 11 Polish cities), concerts around Poland, training and discipling leaders, organizing and providing Spiritual direction for the Word Zone follow ups to the workshops.

Andrew's heart and passion is to serve Jesus through discipling the young generation of Poland.

Andrew Speaking At a Conference

Andrew sharing the gospel at a Gospel Joy Workshop.


After God rescued Anna from difficult and painful childhood, she’s deeply passionate about following Christ and sharing Him with others. God saved her at a Word Zone follow up meeting after a Gospel Joy Workshop in 2005. There, she met Andrew, who is now her husband.

Anna enjoys evangelizing and discipling young Polish girls and women (mostly coming from Gospel Joy outreaches). She wholeheartedly supports Andrew in Gospel Joy ministry.

Anna Gorski

Anna irons the choir robes.

Latest News

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gospel joy, gorski, poland

Andzia had never seen anything like what she was experiencing. She stood in the balcony of the large concert hall, tears spilling down her cheeks. 

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breaking free: would someone get through to her in time?

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Although they’d been equipped and trained well, they were a little nervous. Scared even. The reality of what they were about to do hit them hard.

More Delightful News from the Gospel Joy Workshops and Evangelism Project

Gospel Joy, Poland

When Grzegorz (name changed for his protection) arrived at the Gospel Joy Workshop in Grudziadz, Poland that Friday evening at the end of 2015, he didn’t think he would leave a different person. Who knew he would leave wanting to read the New Testament so hungrily that he’d get through half of it in 2 days?!