To understand those words, written by ITMI’s Andrew Gorski, you need to understand the battle our partners in Poland have fought to earn the right to share the Good News. For years…

Last month, the church that ITMI’s Andrew and Anna Gorski helped plant in Poznan had a big opportunity to share the Gospel on local television!

Enjoy this 2-minute video of ITMI’s Andrew Gorski explaining the need for Evangelical Poland, and his vision for equipping churches to reach people with the Gospel and build God’s kingdom in Poland. ITMI supporters have given generously to make sure ITMI’s Andrew and Anna Gorski can minister in Poland. This support has meant Andrew is […]

I underestimated the range of emotions that would confront me on my recent trip to Poland, Romania, and Ukraine. …

“Four years ago I started a Ukrainian church in Warsaw. Now I know why God led me to do it.” With these words, Slavik Levandovskyi, a Ukrainian pastor, who came to Poland before the full-scale war…

According to one organization that published a video for Polish leaders getting ready to host Ukrainian refugees, the typical Ukrainian refugee is a mother with 1 or 2 kids, 30-40 years old. She may have her own mother with her, too. She will be feeling “so scared and so alone in this whole world.” …


Although 95% of  people in Poland would identify themselves as Roman Catholic, many have never heard that God wants a personal relationship with them. 

Evangelicals are often viewed as a cult. They are suspicious. They are shunned. They are insane.

This means evangelism in Poland requires unique creativity, persistence and boldness.

Gospel Joy Workshops and Evangelism is one solution to this challenge. It creatively uses people's interest in Gospel Music in Poland to explain the reason for the existence of the songs: the author's relationship with Jesus.

Andrew's unique combination of charisma, passion and organization have been used by the Lord to reach thousands through Gospel Joy.

Evangelical Poland is another initiative Andrew is leading, to equip Evangelicals for evangelism and overcome the scarcity of resources by helping Evangelical churches come together in unity to share already existing resources.

Andrew Gorski, Gospel Joy, Poland

Andrew's unique combination of charisma, passion and organization have been used by the Lord to reach thousands through Gospel Joy.


Share the Gospel

Share the Gospel

Provide leadership for Gospel Joy and Evangelical Poland, reaching thousands of Poles with the Gospel.

Bring Polish Evangelical leaders together to equip believers to share the Good News with others.

Equip Believers for their Calling

Equip Believers for their Calling

Making resources easier to access for believers and pastors.


Andrew and Anna Gorski


Andrew came to know Jesus personally when he lived in the US (Boston, MA) in 1998. He finished law school but never went on to work as a lawyer. Andrew spent his first career years as sales manager in a multinational company in Poland.

In 2003, God has called him to lead Gospel Joy Workshops and Evangelism to reach kids, youth and adults in Poland with the message of salvation by grace.

Under his leadership, Gospel Joy Evangelism and Workshops annually reaches around 50,000 people with the news that they can have a personal relationship with God.

This happens at events like Bible studies, camps, gospel music workshops (in 11 Polish cities), concerts around Poland, training and discipling leaders, organizing and providing Spiritual direction for the Word Zone follow ups to the workshops.

Andrew's heart and passion is to serve Jesus through discipling the young generation of Poland.


After God rescued Anna from difficult and painful childhood, she’s deeply passionate about following Christ and sharing Him with others. God saved her at a Word Zone follow up meeting after a Gospel Joy Workshop in 2005. There, she met Andrew, who is now her husband.

Anna enjoys evangelizing and discipling young Polish girls and women. She wholeheartedly supports Andrew in Gospel Joy ministry.

At the beginning of the war, a family of 6 from Kharkiv, who stayed with us in Poznan, Poland for only one night, ended up in Strasburg (France).Yesterday one of them told me that…

“Our donors are heroes!” ITMI’s Mark Burritt enthusiastically commented. It was a Thursday. …

Eleven Ukrainian orphans fled their home country with two guardians and were placed with a family from the church of ITMI’s Piotr Zaremba. Immediately Piotr recognized this…

Most of the refugees are women and children.They’re lost, tired, scared and don’t know whom to trust once they cross the border. And obviously they don’t speak Polish. Unfortunately we’ve heard stories of people using this situation for…

Meet Some of the Ukrainian Refugees You’ve Helped!

Julia bit her lip as she caught sight of the front row where her mother should be sitting. This was her wedding day. She was truly happy, and she resolved not to let her parents’ decision not to attend shadow her joy.