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Steve EversAs ITMI's Director, Steve's leadership enables believers all over the world to partner with each other for the benefit of God's kingdom.

His first-hand knowledge of ITMI partners and their needs allows people to make meaningful connections that allow for greater impact. His advocacy of ITMI partners has resulted in the blessing of many supporters and partners.

His love for God and love for people surrounds them wherever He goes. He not only works to enable ITMI's partners to do their work, but to give more and more people the blessing of being involved with their God's work in their ministries.


As ITMI's Director, Steve directs the organization that for some, is their lifeline. He spends his time serving and empowering ITMI partners, using his experience in business, sales and photography. Steve travels to visit, encourage and support ITMI nationals annually, then returns to the US to tell their stories.

Vicky Waraka, Steve Evers, South Sudan, Church Planting

Leaders of a church plant (including ITMI's Vicky Waraka) in South Sudan whose beginnings were inspired by a SALT training he and ITMI's Timothy Keller taught.

Steve Evers, Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia, , Eugene Kalunga

ITMI partners deeply appreciate Steve's dedication and hard work on their behalf.


Steve Evers, Jon Dekkers, Steve Lee, Zambezi River, Zambia

Steve traverses the croc-infested Zambezi river with ITMI Board Member, Jon Dekkers and Steve Lee to visit Johan Leach.

Steve Evers, Zambia

Steve demonstrates the gospel in Africa by valuing many that are overlooked in their culture.

Steve Evers, Zambia, Excellence Christian Academy

Steve Evers, Jon Dekkers, India, Paul and Molly's Girls

Steve Evers and Jon Dekkers with a few of Paul and Molly's girls in India.

Steve Evers, South Sudan, Church Plant

Steve encourages a church in South Sudan, newly planted by ITMI partner Jahim Buli.

Preaching, Zambia, Lukulu

Steve shares the gospel with a village in Lukulu, Zambia after they received access to clean, safe drinking water

Steve Evers, Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia

Steve encouraging a class at ITMI's Excellence Christian Academy

Photo by Timothy Keller




In the middle of his successful sales career, during which he served on ITMI's Board of Directors for 4 years, Steve accepted God's call to be ITMI's Director in 2001.

Since that time, God has blessed ITMI with increased ability to serve nationals.

India, Sports Ministry, Soccer, Paul and Molly, Steve Evers




1. To serve and empower ITMI partners.
2. Oversee and enhance ITMI's impact.
3. To ”Go and Make Disciples”


1. Prayer and Financial Support
2. God’s wisdom and discernment for ITMI and projects
3. Prayer for his family as he travels

Latest News

DEAR TEAM: No One is Invisible to Our God

Zimbabwe, Charl van Wyk, Cozmore, Project Joseph

Just this morning as I exited the freeway that leads to our ITMI office, there stood at the intersection a disheveled man that probably was not as old as the years he carried on his body and face, holding a cardboard sign that simply stated, “Ever feel invisible?” 

“Every Word is Valuable”

After one of the sessions, the leader in Bangladesh told Steve, “Every word is valuable.”

Rest, Inspiration and Unity for Pastors in South Africa Who Have Endured Much

south africa, church

ITMI’s Charl van Wyk is organizing a pastor’s conference for 70 pastors in South Africa. 

The Lord has led ITMI supporters to cover a little more than half the cost of the event for South Africa pastors who have endured…

Dear Team: “I Felt Like a Failure”

Dear team, India

It was a voice I knew very well. The tone and accent were familiar sounds that I had spent a lot of time with. Almost immediately, I was concerned.

DEAR TEAM: The Loss of a Faithful Brother

Zambia, Johan Leach, Colin

“Last month we lost one of these precious servants…”

DEAR TEAM: Let’s Make Some Music!

Dear Team, Steve Evers, Music

Johann excelled in music from a very young age, and from there, only ascended with his music. Johann loved the scriptures also. His passion was to give his community “well-regulated church music to the glory of God,” and he would often scribble “J.J” on his blank future sheets of music: Jesu Juva (“Help me, Jesus”). Johann Sebastian Bach once responded to a compliment on his musical skills with the comment, “There is nothing very wonderful about it, you have only to hit the right notes at the right moment and the instrument does the rest.”

Spring of Love School Opens in Zambia!

Kabwe, Kapiri Mposhi

This article was originally published in the March 2021 edition of ITMI Monthly. February 1 was just the beginning of the total transformation that immersion in God’s Word promises to yield in many of the lives of Kapiri families.   “What once seemed like a dream is now reality!”  This is how our long-time partner, […]

Dear Team: Don’t Hit Unsubscribe!

My oldest son, Andy, and I had a good laugh at the beginning of last month when…

Dear Team: Exciting News from the Kumars’ Second Visit to the Police Precinct!

David Kumar, Taru Kumar, India

For Steve Evers and ITMI, and many of our ITMI nationals, 2020 will go down as an amazing demonstration of God’s power, God’s purpose, and God’s provision. I continue to hear from our nationals that God “really blessed” during the time of fear, hunger, lockdown, virus, uncertainty, over-reaction, under-reaction, and all around worldwide chaos.

Dear Team: God is Using Food to Open People’s Eyes in a World that Doesn’t Know Right from Wrong

Lazarus Yezinai, Hand Washing Jerry Can, South Sudan

Because of the overwhelming generosity and compassion of ITMI donors, we are gearing up for another round of provision-enabled Gospel delivery by our partners! Meanwhile, Charl van Wyk and his team are…

Dear Team: Remember Your Adoption

dear team: remember your adoption

James Innell Packer was the son of a railway clerk in Gloucester, England who was later named one of the 25 Most Influential Evangelicals by Time Magazine in 2005 and was the author of one of the best-selling Christian books of all time, Knowing God. You might know him as…

DEAR TEAM: Project Joseph Has Begun Well. Here’s an Example of Finishing Well

Dear Team, Steve Evers, David Kumar

His name was Frederick Antony Ravi Kumar Zacharias. We all knew him as Ravi Zacharias. A short portion from Ravi’s official obituary reads, “Zacharias’s great-great-great-grandmother shocked her Nambudiri family, the highest caste of the Hindu priesthood, by converting to Christianity. With conversion came a new surname, Zacharias, and a new path that started her descendants on a road to the Christian faith.”

The Gospel is Advancing in Ways We Never Thought Possible!

South Africa, Stone Hill, Charl van Wyk

“The Kingdom of God is now advancing in ways we never thought possible; hope is being restored daily and none of this would’ve happened without your special donation, we truly appreciate the partnership,” writes Pastor Vuyo of Gugulethu, outside CapeTown, South Africa. Pastor Vuyo’s church ministers in a tough area, known as “gangster land.” Last month…

Dear Team: “The World is Pretty Much Shut Down for Foreign Missionaries …or is it?

Dear Team, Steve Evers, Project Joseph

I can not go to Poland. I am not allowed to minister in Romania.  I would not be allowed to get on a plane to most any of the countries that ITMI has obediently ministered in for almost 40 years. The world is pretty much shut down for foreign missionaries. Unless you are…

The Unusual Bus Ride that Changed Someone’s Life featuring Mark Burritt and Steve Evers (Podcast Episode)

India 2019 Podcast Episode,

In this episode, ITMI’s Mark Burritt and Steve Evers tell the story of Taru’s unusual bus ride.  Our partner, Tara, was riding the bus to the slum where she ministers when she noticed a young woman looking at her strangely, and Steve reveals why. Plus, Steve and Mark reflect on their visit to the slum where David and Taru minister, and Steve reveals will never get to visit David’s ministry in remote villages.

Behind the Scenes in India featuring Mark Burritt and Steve Evers (Podcast Episode)

steve evers, mark burritt, india

In this episode, ITMI’s Mark Burritt and Steve Evers share about their last visit with our partners in India. Mark shares what he noticed as a first time visitor to India, and Steve shares something most people don’t know.  

DEAR TEAM: How God used Joseph and what it might mean for us during this worldwide pandemic

dear team, steve evers

I know that times may be tough and uncertain from the human standpoint, but as with Joseph’s story, our God doesn’t operate on our human level. He is not limited to what we can understand…that is why He tells us to trust Him and obey even when the storm is raging. May you rest this month and know the storm is in His hands.

Dear Team: Abundance Without Character

Abundance without Character

Many years ago, I was given this well-worn bit of experiential wisdom by an old-timer, “…don’t discuss religion and politics….”  I hope to follow that advice and to discuss neither in my musings this month. I am reminded, however, of…

Dear Team: The Legacy of Margaret Williams

David and Taru Kumar, India

“It shouldn’t hurt this bad,” read the text message from India. The text came almost three weeks after Mark Burritt and I accompanied ITMI’s David and Taru Kumar to the funeral of Taru’s “mother.”  Taru shared that she is deeply hurting and struggling to sleep. Taru’s “mom” came to rural India as a 30+ year old Australian missionary. She spent the last 60+ years loving on and raising up homeless, orphaned Indian girls. Margaret Williams was 94 years old when she was called to her real home.

Charl Gets a Shocking and Serious Warning, featuring Charl van Wyk (Podcast Episode)

Charl gets a shocking warning

In part 3, Charl and Steve Evers are chatting about a practicing witch’s observation of the power of the ministry in Stone Hill, what happened when one of the believing young men in Stone Hill was commanded by his fathers to make a sacrifice to his ancestors, the surprising response of youth in Stone Hill when invited out to lunch after their wrestling competition, and three things we can hold up in prayer for Charl and his ministry.