The Need

Steve Evers, Darlene EversAs ITMI's Director, Steve's leadership enables believers all over the world to partner with each other for the benefit of God's kingdom.

His first-hand knowledge of ITMI partners and their needs allows people to make meaningful connections that allow for greater impact. His advocacy of ITMI partners has resulted in the blessing of many supporters and partners. 

His love for God and love for people surrounds them wherever He goes. He not only works to enable ITMI's partners to do their work, but to give more and more people the blessing of being involved with their God's work in their ministries. 


As ITMI's Director, Steve directs the organization that for some, is their lifeline. He spends his time serving and empowering ITMI partners, using his experience in business, sales and photography. Steve travels to visit, encourage and support ITMI nationals annually, then returns to the US to tell their stories.

Vicky Waraka, Steve Evers, South Sudan, Church Planting

Leaders of a church plant (including ITMI's Vicky Waraka) in South Sudan whose beginnings were inspired by a SALT training he and ITMI's Timothy Keller taught.

Steve Evers, Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia, , Eugene Kalunga

ITMI partners deeply appreciate Steve's dedication and hard work on their behalf.


Steve Evers, Jon Dekkers, Steve Lee, Zambezi River, Zambia

Steve traverses the croc-infested Zambezi river with ITMI Board Member, Jon Dekkers and Steve Lee to visit Johan Leach.

Steve Evers, Zambia

Steve demonstrates the gospel in Africa by valuing many that are overlooked in their culture.

Steve Evers, Zambia, Excellence Christian Academy

Steve Evers, Jon Dekkers, India, Paul and Molly's Girls

Steve Evers and Jon Dekkers with a few of Paul and Molly's girls in India.

Steve Evers, South Sudan, Church Plant

Steve encourages a church in South Sudan, newly planted by ITMI partner Jahim Buli.

Preaching, Zambia, Lukulu

Steve shares the gospel with a village in Lukulu, Zambia after they received access to clean, safe drinking water

Steve Evers, Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia

Steve encouraging a class at ITMI's Excellence Christian Academy

Photo by Timothy Keller




In the middle of his successful sales career, during which he served on ITMI's Board of Directors for 4 years, Steve accepted God's call to be ITMI's Director in 2001.

Since that time, God has blessed ITMI with increased ability to serve nationals.

India, Sports Ministry, Soccer, Paul and Molly, Steve Evers




1. To serve and empower ITMI partners.
2. Oversee and enhance ITMI's impact.
3. To ”Go and Make Disciples”


1. Prayer and Financial Support
2. God’s wisdom and discernment for ITMI and projects
3. Prayer for his family as he travels

Latest News

Your Impact in India – From Paul and Molly

Paul and Molly, India

During this season of giving, we asked ITMI partners to give you their heartfelt answers to several questions. These are from Paul and Molly in India. May their answers bless and encourage you!

Dear Team: When We Embarked on this Trip, We Didn’t Expect This

Dear Team, Steve Evers

“I have two different infections. One is pseudomonas and the other is MSSA”, Phil texted me after we returned from our India trip. Pastor Phil McKeown went to battle the spiritual blindness in India and Nepal and yet on a physical level, he realistically could have fought his last fight.

A Small Church Reaches Far

India, North Village Baptist Church

It was the morning 100 Indian pastors and their wives had looked forward to with anticipation for a long time. But things weren’t going as planned. 

Peeling Garlic for Sixty-Two Cents a Day

David and Taru, India

ITMI’s David and Taru minister in a Muslim slum in Bangalore, India. Their years of service in this area have given them unique…

Dear Team: Don’t Fall for a Bluff

Steve Evers, Dear Team

During WW2 Singapore City was about to face a siege by the Japanese. General Yamamoto delivered a note saying, “In the interests of chivalry we invite you to surrender.” Lance Percival fell for it and surrendered despite outnumbering the Japanese 4 to 1.

4 Things You Should Know About Life in Remote Villages

Africa, Villages

“I used to think, ‘All for one and one for all,’ is what village life is all about, right? That the villages are populated by the “noble savage” and lead a connected, unified community life,” says ITMI’s Timothy Keller. But unfortunately, this version of village life may be popular in Hollywood and children’s tales, its simply not what Timothy has found after over a decade of ministry in African villages. “Rural Africa is

Dear Team: “Not on Our Watch!”

mpumelelo, zimbabwe, charl van wyk

I want to be one of these boys.  I don’t know their names, but I know their actions. They are probably like most any boy who lives in Zimbabwe today.  Loves to play football (soccer), gets into mischief, wishes for a chance to go to school, and goes to bed hungry way more than they want and way more than we experience here in the States. I still want to be one of them. 

Dear Team: Dream Big, Ask Boldly

Charl van Wyk, Steve Evers,

This might be a small thing, but it tickled me. I should have known better when ITMI’s Charl van Wyk asked me how many thumb drives we had. Charl doesn’t look at things like most people. He…

Sometimes We Wait on God for 400 Years. But this Time…

India, ITMI Monthly, David and Taru

Sometimes we are asked to wait on God’s timing longer than we’d like. Israel waited on God to rescue them from slavery in Egypt for 400 years. This time, God did something different.

Dear Team: Facing (What Seems like) Giant Limitations

Steve Evers, Dear Team

ITMI’s Jahim and Gisma Buli, in Juba, South Sudan are facing the “giants” in their world. Jahim is being persecuted by other believers because…

Johan-Style Outreach in India

ITMI’s Steve Evers has always been effervescent and outgoing. As many of you have experienced, he connects easily with people and has a way of making them feel valuable. Steve says, “Johan makes me look like a shy introvert!”

The “Other Side” of the Tracks – How Paul Crossed it and Earned Trust

Paul and Molly, India, clean, safe, water

Many have died just attempting to cross the mainline train tracks and return home from getting water, but no safety precautions – not even a simple caution sign – have been enacted. Because those lives “don’t matter.” Slum residents literally live among the trash, as if they’ve accepted that it is what they are. They were completely forgotten and devalued. Trash. Until…

Dear Team: We Really Shouldn’t Be So Surprised…

South Sudan, Steve Evers, Dear Team, Jahim Buli, Lazarus

ITMI’s Lazarus Yezinai tells us of a woman named Miss Anita who came to the church that ITMI helped start from the teachings of VCLi’s S.A.L.T. Discipleship training. The church is located on the front lines of battle, inside this Muslim slum. Miss Anita was not at church to worship, but specifically to…

You Win. They Win. 5 Things Our Partners Got from Seeing You, and What Their Hosts Got, Too!

You Win, They Win

Hosting an overseas worker while they are here in the U.S. may not seem like a big contribution to God’s Kingdom. BUT IT IS! Here are just five of the many ways our partners have benefitted from their time in the States.

Dear Team: Greetings from Bangalore, India

steve evers, india

Taru called one girl up front and asked her if she loved the clay pot she’d just painted beautifully. The girl gushed. “Do you think it is beautiful?” Thru asked. The girl glowed. Then Taru did something unexpected.

What a Map Won’t Tell You

Steve Evers, Jahim Buli

Without some insight, it really doesn’t make much sense. When you take off from LAX (Los Angeles Airport) on your way to India via Hong Kong, you go straight…north. Toward San Francisco. Hong Kong is 15 flight hours from LAX, and if you look at a map, it is almost due …west! Ah, here is the issue.

Dear Team: Here’s the Real Deal

Dear Team, Steve Evers, Johan Leach, Paul

Our hosts couldn’t believe it. Their mouths hung wide open in astonishment.In all their time living near Amish country they’d never seen…

Armed with the Word of God…They Set Out

Johan Leach, Zambia

With joy in their hearts and the wind of the Holy Spirit in their “sails,” (oars!) two four man teams set out in canoes from remote Chavuma, Zambia. Their rations were packed. Their tents were secured.

Dear Team: Will You Hold the Rope? (because Piotr is greedy)

Dear Team, Piotr Zaremba, Poland

Piotr has a passion to reach all the approximately 60 million Polish speaking people in the world. The first step was to get them an accurate, readable and usable form of God’s word.
As happy as he is with the success and acceptance of his new translation, Piotr says, “…but I am greedy. I want more.” Anyone that knows Piotr knows how unlike him it is for the word “greedy” to come out of his gentle, soft-spoken mouth.

Dear Team: Was Piotr’s New Translation Really Necessary?

Piotr Zaremba, Poland

Who can you trust now days? The news stations with regularity manipulate headlines, both conservative and liberal stations, to get us to watch their brand with over-charged and exaggerated statements that almost always more closely resemble their flavor of truth than real unbiased reality.