The Need

Steve Evers, Darlene EversAs ITMI's Director, Steve's leadership enables believers all over the world to partner with each other for the benefit of God's kingdom.

His first-hand knowledge of ITMI partners and their needs allows people to make meaningful connections that allow for greater impact. His advocacy of ITMI partners has resulted in the blessing of many supporters and partners. 

His love for God and love for people surrounds them wherever He goes. He not only works to enable ITMI's partners to do their work, but to give more and more people the blessing of being involved with their God's work in their ministries. 


As ITMI's Director, Steve directs the organization that for some, is their lifeline. He spends his time serving and empowering ITMI partners, using his experience in business, sales and photography. Steve travels to visit, encourage and support ITMI nationals annually, then returns to the US to tell their stories.

Vicky Waraka, Steve Evers, South Sudan, Church Planting

Leaders of a church plant (including ITMI's Vicky Waraka) in South Sudan whose beginnings were inspired by a SALT training he and ITMI's Timothy Keller taught.

Steve Evers, Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia, , Eugene Kalunga

ITMI partners deeply appreciate Steve's dedication and hard work on their behalf.


Steve Evers, Jon Dekkers, Steve Lee, Zambezi River, Zambia

Steve traverses the croc-infested Zambezi river with ITMI Board Member, Jon Dekkers and Steve Lee to visit Johan Leach.

Steve Evers, Zambia

Steve demonstrates the gospel in Africa by valuing many that are overlooked in their culture.

Steve Evers, Zambia, Excellence Christian Academy

Steve Evers, Jon Dekkers, India, Paul and Molly's Girls

Steve Evers and Jon Dekkers with a few of Paul and Molly's girls in India.

Steve Evers, South Sudan, Church Plant

Steve encourages a church in South Sudan, newly planted by ITMI partner Jahim Buli.

Preaching, Zambia, Lukulu

Steve shares the gospel with a village in Lukulu, Zambia after they received access to clean, safe drinking water

Steve Evers, Excellence Christian Academy, Zambia

Steve encouraging a class at ITMI's Excellence Christian Academy

Photo by Timothy Keller




In the middle of his successful sales career, during which he served on ITMI's Board of Directors for 4 years, Steve accepted God's call to be ITMI's Director in 2001.

Since that time, God has blessed ITMI with increased ability to serve nationals.

India, Sports Ministry, Soccer, Paul and Molly, Steve Evers




1. To serve and empower ITMI partners.
2. Oversee and enhance ITMI's impact.
3. To ”Go and Make Disciples”


1. Prayer and Financial Support
2. God’s wisdom and discernment for ITMI and projects
3. Prayer for his family as he travels

Latest News

International Incident Averted! An update from our mission team.

uganda, steve evers, mission visits

“Something funny happened as we waited for our departure plane in Phoenix,” Steve says. It was 10pm on a Tuesday night. We were waiting to board our plane in the crowded waiting area. Other than the normal amount of TSA security-induced tension in the room, it was a fairly subdued crowd.

Dear Team: The Latest News and Lessons from the Field

Dear Team, Steve Evers, Zambia, India

It was a text you wouldn’t want to receive. The photos that came with it provided visual confirmation of the news.

Dear Team: Are We Teachable

dear team, steve evers, itmi monthly

This month, I felt led to share with you this need for teach-ability. God can use anyone and anything to get our attention and grow us to a level that only He knows we are intended for.

Why We’re Going Back – 7 Behind the Scenes Ways Missions Trips Benefit Everyone

slider, steve evers, general fund

After narrowly escaping arrest in South Sudan, many might decide not to go back. But a return mission trip to Uganda and South Sudan is currently in the works for ITMI’s Steve Evers and Kent Reisenauer. Why risk entering a corrupt third world country where you can get arrested for recording a video interview with a friend at her house? Simply stated, the benefits are far-reaching and numerous.

Dear Team: An Exciting Video from India

Dear team, steve evers

It was a short video, and was a tad grainy, but it showed clearly what challenges the people of rural India, and as a matter of fact, the rest of the world live under.The video was sent to me by our partner Paul in India. If we could show you the video it would show…

Onlookers Receive Christ While 32 New Believers are Baptized in South Sudan!

Jahim Buli, South Sudan

January was an exciting month at Word of Life Church in Juba, South Sudan!

Dear Team: Beneath the Runaround, God is in Control.

Dear Team, Steve Evers

The call took almost an hour. Fifty-six minutes to be exact. Taru had headed to the bank for the fairly normal task of withdrawing the funds graciously given to help them live and care for women and children of the local Muslim slum. But she was met with something unexpected when she arrived.

The Remarkable Feats of God’s Word

Bible, God's Word

The village dashed madly for their huts. They had caught one glimpse of the initial brownish-grey clean-out water spilling from the head of the newly drilled well. Moments later, they returned with the various makeshift containers, ready to collect the contaminated water.

What We Can’t Tell You

India, Untouchables Village, Paul and Molly

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you what ITMI’s Director, Steve Evers, saw when he visited the Indian village inhabited by people stripped of all value and called “untouchable” by the rest of their countrymen, because many parts of it are too graphic. This is a family-friendly publication. But we can tell you…

Dear Team: What Surprised Adi and Ema Last Month

Adi and Ema Ban, Steve Evers, Dear Team, Romania

ITMI’s Adi and Ema Ban just completed a long weekend marriage and family conference, not in their home country of Romania, but in a Romanian community in Spain. Adi tells me that there are many thousands of Romanians in Spain. He chuckled as he told me that the neighborhood that he and Ema ministered in felt like a part of Romania as everyone, even those casual bystanders walking down the street, conversed in his mother tongue. What surprised Adi and Ema…

A Peculiar Announcement

India, Steve Evers, Paul and Molly

“Now, where would you send your splendid choir? To a big concert hall maybe? Or a palace, perhaps? God sent his to a little hillside, outside a little town, in the middle of the night.” The words of the Christmas story as written by Sally Lloyd-Jones in The Jesus Storybook Bible grabbed most of my attention. (The rest, I necessarily allowed to remain on the task of driving.) Through my driver’s side window, I caught a fleeting glimpse of…

An Eye-Opening Visit to Rural India

india, paul and molly, village

“Today was really an eye opener,” Steve wrote from India. “I have never – even in all my travels in Africa, seen anything like what I saw today. I thought to myself, ‘…what has Paul gotten me into?’ “

Eleven Partners Share Their Hearts

December Newsletter, ITMI Monthly

During this season of giving, we asked ITMI partners to share their heartfelt answers to several questions. May their answers bless and encourage you!

A Story of Gratitude

gratitude, Uganda, Francis, Steve Evers

Francis could not hold his gratitude at bay. With tears of gratitude, maybe even relief, he fell to his knees and flung his arms around the legs of ITMI’s Steve Evers, sobbing. “Thank you. Thank you…” he kept repeating. What Steve was empowered by ITMI supporters to do was simple. For Francis, it was life-changing.

Dear Team: Where Our Spirit-Directed Passions Led

Dear Team, ITMI Monthly

On Piotr Zaremba’s recent trip to visit the Polish residents of Chicago and New York City, he noticed something interesting. More than once, he heard people muse out loud, “…it really says that…that’s what that meant?”  Many more flashed facial expressions that seemed to be communicating a similar sentiment.

Dear Team: What I’m Hearing Over and Over from Our Partners

Steve Evers,

On my last two trips to South Sudan, Uganda, Zambia and South Africa, and in my discussions with our Indian partners, I was told numerous times that…

Photos: Visiting our Zambian Partners

Zambia, Steve Evers

We wanted to share a few snapshots of our time in Zambia. Thanks for praying us there and back! -Steve and Kent

South Sudanese Widow’s Life Changed by Biblical Training

Steve Evers, Vicky Waraka, South Sudan

Nursa stood, facing the congregation of her fellow believers who had gathered for an evening service in Juba, South Sudan. “God is Good,” she reminded them, and she illuminated how He’d been good to her personally. Nursa, a widow, attended the SALT Financial training ITMI’s Steve Evers and Kent Reisenauer gave earlier this year…

Too Giddy to Discipline

ECA, Zambia, Steve Evers

“I am too happy and I cannot discipline you!” she told the students. What made normally very restrained and professional teachers too giddy to discipline their students? Find out more…

Straight from the Field

Steve Evers, Travel

The trip began with an airplane fire over the ocean and a vehicle robbery. Not exactly how you’d choose to begin a 4 week trek through South Africa and Zambia.