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poznan international church, PIC, PolandPoznan University attracts English speakers from all over the world. These students arrive in Poznan without friends or family. They are actively looking for a way to connect with others.

Many don't speak Polish.

They need someone to show them around. They need someone who speaks a language they understand.

They need a family.

Some are from affluent families, others are impoverished refugees on scholarship. Their physical needs vary greatly, but their spiritual needs are similar.

A portion of these are students at Poznan University, in Poznan to complete a degree. 

Statistics tell us that 70% of people of faith entering the university will abandon their faith before leaving. 

Most of the students return to their countries after earning their degree. Because of their education, they are returning as influential leaders in their field.

The question is, how will they use their influence?


Poznan International Church (PIC) is an English speaking fellowship reaching the many internationals in Poznan, Poland. PIC has been under the pastoral direction of ITMI partners, Richard Nungesser, and his wife, Brooke, since 2002. 

Richard Nungesser, Brooke Nungesser, Nungesser Family

PIC is a place where internationals can "Come, Grow, Serve, and Go." Internationals come and experience God because they are reached and welcomed into the community. In community, they are surrounded by opportunities for God's Word to grow them through worship, God's Word and relationships.

Poznan International Church


The Nungessers work hard to create a culture where there are many opportunities to serve, and you'll find even the poorest refugee students giving what little they have to help others.

Eventually, these internationals tend to move on. When they go, they are equipped to take what they've learned back to their home countries, where they already know the language and culture. They are ready to GO make a difference in the world by sharing the love of Christ.

Like PIC alumni Charles Dibbie and Tomek Jezyk, many find places to serve and bring people along with them on their new journey. As they do, the whole discipleship process begins again!


City International

Poznan International Church

City International is an initiative to equip the next generation, with a special focus on international and national students, families, and professional workers, to fulfill their part in the Great Commission. The idea is for the success of PIC to be duplicated in other major cities in Poland where there is an international presence.

Poznan International Church, Poland, Women, Brooke Nungesser

PIC is made up of people from all over the world!

Poznan International Church, Poland

ITMI's Poznan International Church brings together a beautiful tapestry of Internationals, loving, serving and growing together. 


  • Reach Polish people and Internationals interested in learning about the Word of God in the English language.
  • Provide opportunities for them to grow through God's Word and serve in the city where God has planted them.
  • Make and strengthen national and world-focused disciples.
  • Plant international churches throughout Poland, Central and Eastern Europe.


  • Missionaries to Poland to serve PIC as a pastor, youth pastor or music pastor.
  • Missionaries to Poland to serve PIC as a university worker or children's worker.
  • Support for the Nungesser family.

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